Forrest Gump trio reunites: Tom Hanks, Eric Roth and Robert Zemeckis working on Here

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Nearly 30 years after Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks, Eric Roth and Robert Zemeckis are back at work together, this time on the graphic novel Here

A trio that is nothing short of iconic in the history of cinema meets. In 1995 Tom Hanks, Eric Roth and Robert Zemeckis created the masterpiece it is Forrest Gump, the first in the role of the main protagonist, the second as a screenwriter and the third in the role of director. Almost 30 years after winning the Academy Award, the three are back to work together, this time to bring the graphic novel Here to the big screen.

Here riunisce Tom Hanks, Eric Roth e Robert Zemeckis

In 2014 Richard McGuire has published the graphic novel Here, a story that spans an enormous span of time, hundreds of thousands of years, but takes shape in a single room. An innovative and very different work from Forrest Gump, which extends to the most varied places, from Alabama to Vietnam.

The first draft of Here dates back to 1989 and was published in RAW magazine. After that first version of just six pages, McGuire continued to work on his project, an effort that lasted several years and then ended with the final edition of 2014. The classic paper version was also accompanied by a interactive, particularly suggestive, which allows readers to mix and choose the events narrated in that room. A decidedly revolutionary experience.

Da Forrest Gump a Here: la reunion del trio

It will be the first time that the three proponents of Forrest Gump’s success will find themselves working together, but the paths of the three have already crossed several times in the past. For example, Tom Hanks has worked with director Robert Zemeckis on two other films: Cast Away and The Polar Expresso. Instead, the actor found Roth in Very Loud, Incredibly Close, a film that bore the writer’s signature.

Now then the streets of these three great movie stars cross again and naturally curiosity is skyrocketing for this new project. Do not miss any news on Here and on the world of cinema and TV series on our site.

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