Fortnite: is an open world mode coming?

The trial in court regarding the legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple has begun today, and some future plans for Fortnite, including an open world mode, have leaked from the Epic documents.

The beginning of the legal battle that Epic Games has publicly launched against Apple (with a video posted on Youtube that was surreal), which took place after the latter banned the Fortnite app from its store, as the V-bucks had been sold bypassing the commissions due to Apple. As of today, the process has been brought in court: taking a look at the internal documents presented by Epic Games, various information related to the future of the popular have leaked battle royale free-to-play. In fact, in addition to the new collaborations with Lebron James, Naruto and other famous characters and brands, some interesting information has been revealed regarding a open world mode of Fortnite.

New open world simulated sandbox mode (and so on and so forth) of Fortnite

The news is reported by the popular Twitter account named Fortnite HYPEX, which reports news and speculations regarding the title. Previously they had launched into this type of speculation: between the game files leaked, after an update dating back to last week, a new map not actually present in the game. Now that the confirmation of an open world sandbox mode has arrived, it remains to wonder what all this really means: the theories of fans are already flooding the web aimed at better understanding what it is.

The map found in the game files appears to represent one more version “Primordial” (i.e. with fewer buildings) than the current Fortnite season 6 map. Starting from this, the hypotheses on what can be dealt with are various. The most popular theory sees Epic making a mode similar in gameplay to Minecraft (sandbox, in fact, as per definition), in which players will be able to roam the open world, manipulating various aspects of the environment at will.

According to another theory, this Fortnite open world mode would be in development for cooperative PvE mode Save the world. This paid version has been significantly less popular than its free-to-play counterpart, and it seems Epic has been pushing for more sales lately: last week, for example, it was announced that those who will subscribe Crew of Fortnite (which gives access to Battle Pass, V-Bucks, skins and so on), will in addition get permanent access to Save the World.

Although it is mostly rumors, this unexpected turn is already making fans dream, who now have had further confirmation on future news. That said, if you want to stay updated on Fortnite (and on the arrival of Neymar Jr) and on all the most important news in the videludic sector, stay tuned to the pages of If you prefer to buy game keys at discounted prices, you can do so through our link to Instant Gaming.

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