Funko Pop: present the latest releases of the One Piece series

Funko presented some of the Pop series releases scheduled for the near future, dedicated to some iconic characters from One Piece and the musical group “The Wiggles”

Yesterday Funko presented yesterday, the latest releases of the now famous Pop! Series. With a catalog that now has tens of thousands of models, dedicated to practically any character (fictional or not) in the entertainment world, the manufacturer continues to churn out products relentlessly. The latest additions to the catalog presented yesterday concern One Piece ed Emma Watkins, of the musical group “The Wiggles”. Let’s go into the details of the latest releases of Funko Pop on One Piece together!

Funko Pop: present the latest releases of the One Piece series

The first statuettes presented concern, as you have already understood, the One Piece brand. The figures in question are linked at the arch of Wano, and are as follows:

  • Luffy in kimono
  • Luffy in kimono with a special coloring
  • Crocodile in action
  • Luffy in modalità Gear Fourth
  • Sabo in action
  • Brook of the arc of Wano

In addition to traditional Funkos, Luffy’s kimono pattern was made an alternative version with a shiny dress. By clicking on the links related to the models, you can already pre-order some on the Zavvi website.

Funko Pop: present the latest releases of the One Piece series

The second presentation concerned Emma Watkins, of the musical group “The Wiggles”. The Australian singer personally sponsored the launch of the figure dedicated to her, posing with Funko in hand. One Piece related products are available for pre-order today on the Zavvi website, while for Emma’s Funko Pop we will have to wait a little longer.

Are you satisfied with these new Funkos? Let us know in the comments which ones you expect the most and as always don’t forget to follow for more news, reviews and much more from the nerdy world. Hello!

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