Kentaro Miura leaves us: an ode to the revolutionary of dark fantasy

Sensei Kentaro Miura, author of Berserk, died at the age of 54, following a dissection of the aorta. Leave a legacy that, albeit unfinished, has enormously influenced the world of literature and today’s gaming

This morning we were greeted by news that we never wanted to receive: Kentaro Miura he left us.

We learn from the magazine for which the sensei published, Young Animal, which, with a press release, announces the death of the author, caused by an aortic dissection. Death dates back to last May 6, but only today leaks to the general public, after the funeral was held privately.

Dr. Kentaro Miura, author of Berserk, died on May 6, 2021 due to an aortic dissection. We want to express our utmost respect and gratitude for Miura’s work and we pray for him. May 20, 2021, Hakusensha Co., Ltd. Young Animal Editorial Department

Within the same press release, the editors of Young Animal add:

How should we grasp this unacceptable fact? To be honest, we can’t find the words. We always remember his smile when he cheerfully talked about his favorite manga, anime and movies. We have never seen Mr. Miura’s angry face. He was like a guy who always seemed to have fun. We hope that all the fans, all the people interested in Mr. Miura have a happy smile on their faces and pray silently for his soul with the editors of Young Animal.

Kentaro Miura leaves us: an ode to the revolutionary of dark fantasy

Kentaro Miura’s legacy

The sensei Miura was known mainly for his great work, Berserk, which had been running for twenty-five years, and remained unfinished. But there was much more: we refer you here to discover Miura’s bibliography, and what his plans for the future were.

Berserk is a title that however alone is more than enough to make the name of Miura known in every corner of the globe, transcending several generations of readers, but, above all, the boundaries of only manga fans in general.

In fact, it is a curiously varied crowd that joins the grief for the sensei: not only otaku, but also gamers, visual artists, role players, and exponents of metal music. It is no exaggeration to say that Berserk has created a real cultural current, influencing every branch of art. THE videogiochi souls-like, for example, they owe a great deal to Berserk for their setting and worldbuilding.

Miura lived the life of a hermit, dealing exclusively with his own work, like so many in his field in Japan. The chapters of Berserk were sipped, a finely curated work of art in every aspect, and always highly anticipated. Naturally, then, the first question that many are asking is whether and how the story will be accomplished.

At the moment, the publishers have not given any news on the matter. That to Kentaro Miura is a very difficult farewell, as it was difficult to accept the suffering he described in his works. But, if we are to learn a lesson from them, it is probably now to accept what has happened, and strive to say goodbye to what could not have been.