Galaxy S23 Ultra, images of Night Mode and Zoom X10

Galaxy S23 Ultra, le immagini di Night Mode e Zoom X10 thumbnail

Samsung is about to announce the new Galaxy S23 Ultrawhich should mark the transition for the camera and 108 at 200 MP. Online, the first performances of this new top of the range have leaked: photographs showing the light it catches in Night Mode e lo Zoom X10.

Galaxy S23 Ultra, first samples of the camera

The new Galaxy hasn’t been presented yet, but there are those who already have it in their hands and wasted no time before post the first shots from the S23 Ultra on social networks. We knew right away that we were going to see a camera da 200 MP sul Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: the new Samsung NANOCELL HP2. But finally, we got to see the first samples.

One of the most interesting shots concerns the Night Mode, which uses technology Tetra²pixel. The large pixel count allows you to do Pixel Binning 16-in-1 and increase by 33% sensitivity to light. Here you can some shots where the difference between normal photos and in Night mode is quite evident. Although the real comparison we could do by placing it next to other top-of-the-range smartphones.

The new Galaxy S23 Ultra will also have a double telescopic zoom, to let you zoom in to the maximum. Indeed, you will find a pair of telephoto lenses that will remain the same as last year, i.e. 10+10 MP with 3x zoom and 10x periscope.

Do not 200 MP main sensor they may make you forget you need them. In fact, a high-resolution sensor will make it possible to crop images without losing quality, combining the information with that of the two telescopic lenses. Below, you can see a Zoom X10 that appears to be of very good quality.

Samsung galaxy s23 ultra fotocamera zoom 10x 0 900x1200 min

In addition to photographs, it seems that the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is capable of recording better videos, with progress in terms of stabilization and autofocus.

As we said, we should wait to try it. But this camera of Galaxy S23 Ultra really promising.