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Ghostbusters 4 filming begins

Ghostbusters 4 is officially a reality, because filming has begun and director Jason Reitman announced it

Ghostbusters 4 is officially a reality, after news of a possible start of filming had been circulating for days. It was director Jason Reitman who circulated the news for days has piqued the curiosity of all fans on social media by posting images of the set being assembled. There were no further details on these little provocations by the director, but a title “Firehouse” which in addition to being the fire station is also the title that this fourth chapter will have.

Ghostbusters 4 filming begins

Ghostbusters 4: filming begins

And it was Jason Reitman himself who made the official announcement of this start of filming, again via social media. And this time it wasn’t a question of provoking the curiosity of the fans, but a very clear image: that is, director and screenwriter Gil Kenan at the side of the camera with a clapperboard in hand. On the clapperboard we can see the writing Firehouse, further confirmation that it is the original title, which, barring changes in recent months, will be accompanied by this fourth chapter.

Ghostbusters 4, Firehouse is one of those titles whose production has suffered many slippages, with an originally scheduled release date in theaters of December 20, 2023 which has not yet been moved. But there will probably be a postponement, especially if filming has just begun and it will probably be for summer 2024. It is a film for the whole family, but also for those nostalgic for the original saga, so the summer release period would be perfect as well as the original one which was in December. And what do you think of this Ghostbusters 4? Let us know below in the comments section and keep following for all the updates on the world of cinema and TV series.

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