God of War: Ragnarok present at the next PlayStation Showcase?

Among the protagonists who will crowd the next PlayStation Showcase, according to a brand new rumor, the expected God of War: Ragnarok also seems to be confirmed

That Kratos is one of the most iconic figures in the ecosystem PlayStation we certainly do not discover it today, so it is not surprising the clamor raised by the announcement of the new God of War: Ragnarok, which was however followed by a long and painful silence. According to a rumor that appeared on the net, however, the absence from the scenes of the God of War seems destined to cease on next 9 September, day on which Sony will hold its new PlayStation Showcase, of which the title signed Santa Monica seems to be one of the most accredited protagonists.

God of War: Ragnarok could show up at the next PlayStation Showcase

Yesterday we revealed the date of the next streaming event organized by Sony, 40 minutes entirely dedicated to upcoming PS5 gameswhether they are from large or small publishers. Surely there will be updates on previously announced productions, but it cannot be excluded that there is also space for unreleased titles. And it is undeniable that among the most anticipated titles there is the new adventure of Kratos, which according to the Xbox Era co-founder Nick Baker, will be among the protagonists of the show.

The alleged confirmation comes from one conversation held on Twitter with an anonymous interlocutor, who confirmed the presence, during the e-event streaming, of the title Santa Monica. Obviously it is, at the moment, a simple rumor, even if the source from which it comes has often proved to be very reliable.

Among the games expected in 2022 we also find Horizon Forbidden West (fresh fresh referral), in addition to Gran Turismo 7, a pairing of productions that in all probability will also be part of the PlayStation Showcase. As for the unpublished announcements, however, there are many hypotheses on the plate, given that according to recent information Sony would have 25 new first party games in production, half of which would be completely new IPs.

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