Grey’s Anatomy: the summary of the 17 seasons

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Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for an eighteenth (perhaps last) season: what better opportunity to retrace the previous seasons, from the first, for those who want to recover this series that, for better or for worse, has entered the annals of television

The protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy is Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), a young girl who, after graduating from medical school, joins the group of surgical trainees at Seattle Grace Hospital. She thus moves to Seattle, in her mother’s old house. Here she finds herself sharing the new experience together with a group of young peers, all struggling with the most varied problems, sentimental and otherwise. First of all Derek (Patrick Dempsey), a charming man with whom she spends the night and who the next day turns out to be Doctor Shepherd, a Seattle Grace neurosurgeon, and her supervisor. Meredith thus has to extricate herself between love, friendships and an ever-growing passion for surgery. It goes without saying that there will be spoilers in the following paragraphs.

Grey’s Anatomy: the summary of the 17 seasons

Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for an eighteenth (perhaps last) season: what better opportunity to retrace the previous seasons, from the first, for those who want to recover this series which, for better or for worse, has entered the annals of television.

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 1

The first season builds on the episode between Meredith and Derek and the problems at work that their unconscious relationship causes. Furthermore, the illness of Meredith’s mother and the arrival of Addison Montgomery, Derek’s ex-wife, complicate the situation. The protagonists are also Meredith’s fellow specialists, Cristina Yang (who in turn enters into a romantic relationship with her superior, the heart surgeon Preston Burke), Izzie Stevens, George O’Malley and Alex Karev, with whom she befriends and shares the problems of life.

Grey’s Anatomy – Second season

The situation between Derek and Addison becomes increasingly complicated, which causes further problems with Meredith. On the other hand, Cristina and Burke are expecting a child, but unfortunately the pregnancy is not successful. In the meantime, Izzie begins a relationship with patient Denny Duquette, which leads her to steal a heart for him and to pull the plug that fed him. However, Denny’s conditions are now compromised and he will not receive the surgery in time. In season Dr. Bailey becomes pregnant: she will give birth with George’s help during the bomb man emergency.

Grey’s Anatomy – Third season

Derek takes the blame for the failure of his marriage with Addison (who in the meantime accepts a job offer in Los Angeles), making them decide to divorce. Instead, the relationship between Burke and Cristina continues and he asks her to marry her. On the wedding day, however, he leaves her on the altar. George fails his medical test, while Chief Webber chooses Callie as chief resident. She and George begin a relationship that will lead them to get married in Las Vegas. Izzie receives a large inheritance for the death of her boyfriend Denny Duquette: with that money she first decides to finance the surgery of a 17-year-old girl who suffers from a severe form of scoliosis and who was unable to resort to surgery with her own substances , to then help Miranda Bailey to open a free clinic to help those who do not have the money for medical insurance, which she will name in memory of Denny Duquette.

Grey’s Anatomy – Fourth season

New interns arrive at Seattle Grace Hospital, including Meredith’s half-sister Lexie Gray. Callie can’t handle the job and after learning that George is cheating on her with Izzie she in turn falls in love with Alex. Meredith and Derek get back together. Even Webber, despite her problems with his wife Adele, is reunited with her.

Grey’s Anatomy – Fifth season

Izzie has constant visions of Denny and will later discover that these are due to a melanoma from which she is suffering. Derek and Meredith start living together, and decide to get married. However, it is Izzie and Alex who get married on their wedding day, as it is feared that Stevens won’t live much longer. Derek will operate Izzie but not without complications. Callie embarks on a relationship with newcomer, Dr. Arizona Robbins, after Erica’s sudden departure. George decides to join the army convinced by a new surgeon: on his last day, just outside the hospital, he is hit by a bus to save a girl and loses his life.

Grey’s Anatomy – Sixth season

Interns’ shifts are disrupted due to the arrival of redundancies from the Mercy West. Meanwhile, Derek becomes the new chief of surgery, due to Richard’s drinking problems. In the final episode he is drawn from the shots of a man who holds him responsible for the death of his wife, he is saved from him but Meredith loses the child they were expecting. Izzie wins the disease but returns to live alone, thus ending her story with Alex.

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 7

Webber returns to being the primary after the resignation of Derek, who is saved thanks to the operation carried out by Cristina despite the gun aimed at his temple. In the meantime, the race to become the head of the trainees has begun and April has the upper hand. Meredith, unable to get pregnant, decides to adopt with Derek a girl who came from Africa thanks to a project by Alex. Derek begins an experimental Alzheimer’s trial with Meredith who, knowing about Adele’s disease, exchanges patient files to facilitate it: she will be discovered and suspended from work, causing her marriage to go into crisis.

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 8

Richard takes the blame for covering up Meredith, who is summed up like this. The social worker realizes that Meredith and Derek have marital problems, so he takes away the custody of the child, Zola, who will be entrusted to them permanently later. Cristina, who in the meantime is expecting a baby from Owen, chooses to have an abortion, throwing the relationship into crisis. Alex, Meredith, Cristina, Jackson and April take the specialization exams and all pass them, except April, who is subsequently fired. Eventually Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Mark, Arizona and Lexie, finding themselves aboard the same plane, have an accident; all the surgeons on the plane survive except Lexie and Mark, who will die only a few days later in the hospital.

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 9

All doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital try to cope with the loss of Mark and Lexie. Meanwhile, the doctors involved in the accident decide to sue the hospital, which they win by obtaining substantial compensation that bankrupt the hospital, which remains the only option of the sale to Pegasus Horizon. Meredith discovers she is pregnant again and carries on the pregnancy of her eldest son Bailey. Cristina, who first moved to Minnesota, returns to Seattle and recovers her relationship with Owen. Bailey finally marries Ben as Alex approaches a resident, Jo.

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 10

Doctors deal with the aftermath of the storm in the ninth season finale. Shane sends Heather to look for Richard in the basement but she too will be electrocuted and will die of a severe head injury, while Richard manages to save himself. Following an unexpected meeting with Burke, Cristina decides to take a job in Switzerland, while Meredith and Derek argue over the future of their relationship. Leah’s firing and Shane’s decision to leave for Europe with Cristina and the arrival of Dr. Maggie Pierce, the biological daughter of Ellis Gray and Richard, further complicate matters.

Grey’s Anatomy – Eleventh season

Derek, after many discussions with Meredith, leaves for Washington. His replacement as head of neurosurgery is Amelia, his sister, who will operate, unsuccessfully, on Dr. Herman’s severe tumor. Derek then returns from Washington to clarify with Meredith. Shortly after, however, he is forced to leave to resign from the President’s program but is involved in an accident, from which he initially emerges unharmed. After rescuing the injured, he gets back into his car to go home, but is run over by a truck. The non-timeliness of the doctors sentenced him to death and it was Meredith who decided to pull the plug that keeps her husband alive. Meredith decides to take a gap year with her children. Meanwhile, Owen goes on a mission and April follows him, while Catherine asks Richard to marry her.

Grey’s Anatomy – Twelfth season

Meredith, once the house Derek built is sold, moves in with Maggie, Amelia and the children in her old house, but not without discussion. At the hospital, Dr. Bailey becomes the new chief physician and appoints Meredith as chief of general surgery. Meanwhile, April returns home and Jackson wants a divorce from his wife who instead wants to fight for the marriage to continue. Callie and Arizona sell their old home and they both start a new life.

Grey’s Anatomy – Thirteenth season

The marriage between Owen and Amelia ends. Meredith instead starts a relationship with Nathan. Maggie, meanwhile, must face and accept the loss of her mother, who died of Gray Sloan cancer in front of her. Meanwhile, two victims of a road accident arrive in the emergency room. One of them is a rapist, who takes Stephanie hostage to escape. Edwards, to protect herself and a little girl reached by the criminal, decides to set fire to the man, who, to escape, ends up near the gas cylinders causing an explosion. The two are saved and Stephanie decides to leave the hospital after this experience.

Grey’s Anatomy – Fourteenth season

Owen Hunt has finally found his sister, Megan. The woman, ex-girlfriend of Nathan Riggs, however, needs urgent care and Meredith is chosen as her doctor. Teddy Altman, a friend of the two, also returns to town for the occasion, questioning Meredith’s professionalism. However, the treatments are successful, and after the recovery Nathan leaves Meredith. Meanwhile, Amelia accidentally discovers that she has a brain tumor, which will be removed after a long operation by neurosurgeon Tom Koracick. Believing that Owen’s hasty marriage was dictated by her tumor, Amelia moves away. Richard finds a new core of interns, while DeLuca confesses his love for Meredith at Jo and Alex’s wedding.

Grey’s Anatomy – Fifteenth season

After discovering that she still has passion and desire for the sentimental aspect of her life, Meredith goes into crisis. In the meantime, let’s find out more about Jo’s career path, who accepts the scholarship offered by Massachusetts General Hospital. In the premiere comes …