Horizon Forbidden West: A trailer shows the new tribes

A few weeks after launch, Horizon Forbidden West gives us a trailer dedicated to the new tribes that Aloy will meet during her adventure

Guerrilla Games and Sony have recently issued a new trailer and some screenshots dedicated to the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West, the next chapter of the saga coming in February. The video in question, which as always you can find in the news you are reading, focuses on main tribes that will populate the futuristic west of the exclusive PlayStation. With the already known Carja ed Oseram to occupy the border settlements, will be the Utaru ei Tenakth to reside in new locations such as Plainsong and Clan Lands.

Horizon Forbidden West in a trailer dedicated to the new tribes

In addition to presenting the new clans protagonists of the title, the video in question also allows us to take a look at the progress made by the team with regard to the development of the various NPCs, which are now much more realistic than in the past. Each tribe has a unique aspect, as well as peculiar are the uses and customs that characterize them. By staying in line with one’s past, theexclusive from Sony and Guerrilla Games will propose a large number of different locations, which will range from big cities, to embrace snow-capped mountains.

In order to actively interact with the tribes present in Horizon Forbidden West, we won’t have to wait any longer than we should, as the game will be released on February 18th, in PS4 and PS5 formats. Sony next gen users, in the meantime, will do well to prepare some space on the console’s SSD, since it has been confirmed that the download of the title will require 96 GB (patch day one excluded).

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