How to convert DVD to FLAC quickly

In this short guide we will explain quickly and easily how to convert DVD to FLAC in a few simple steps

Do you want enjoy movie audio without distraction? Are you looking to convert some videos to lossless audio format? If so, this article will guide you on how to convert DVD to FLAC.

How to convert DVD to FLAC quickly

What is the FLAC format?

FLAC is short for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It is an audio compression format similar to MP3, which it adopts a lossless compression algorithm to ensure the high quality of the compressed audio. Normally, when ripping DVD to FLAC, the file will keep the same quality and will be compressed in the same data copy as the original video. Also, the unzipped files only take up 50% -60% of the original space. FLAC is specially designed for efficient representation of audio data, using typical characteristics of audio signals to reduce the size of audio files by 40% -50%. Compared to WAV and MP3, FLAC audio has better sound quality and can offer users an outstanding audio experience. While the files are larger than the MP3 file, there are still many music lovers who like to rip DVD audio to FLAC file for good sound effect.

The best tool to convert DVD to FLAC

Being the most efficient and affordable DVD to FLAC converter, WonderFox DVD Video Converter provides professional features to convert DVD to FLAC and convert DVD to video in more than 300 output formats. Besides, it even allows you to adjust the output file parameters according to your needs. Moreover, it is not only a simple DVD ripper, it also plays the features of video converter, video editor, video downloader. It helps you easily customize DVD movies and create 3D movies, and includes other useful features that we will see shortly. With its help, you can watch and edit DVD movies easily and quickly.

How to convert DVD to FLAC quickly

Main features of WonderFox DVD Video Converter

  • Convert video to over 500 formats, come MKV in AVI, M4V in MPG, MP4 in M4V, WMV in MOV, ecc.
  • Download videos from over 300 video sharing sites come Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, YouTube, Dailymotion, Liveleak, ecc.
  • Convert video on different devices, desktops, laptops, TVs, tablets, etc.
  • Digitize DVDs in hundreds of formats for easier storage.
  • Encode videos up to 50 times faster with the latest NVIDIA NVENC and Intel QSV acceleration technologies.
  • Copy DVD on digital devices.
  • Copy DVD disc in DVD folder and ISO image.
  • Edit DVD movies and videos in different ways, merge, cut, crop, crop, crop, rotate, add effects, etc.

Come convertire DVD in FLAC con WonderFox DVD Video Converter?

To convert DVD to FLAC, WonderFox DVD Video Converter is definitely one of the most highly recommended software. After downloading the software, just follow the steps below to learn how to convert DVD to FLAC efficiently:

  • Step 1: add DVD movies. Launch the software and click “Load DVD” in the main interface to add the DVD movie.
  • Step 2: choose “FLAC” as the output format. Click on the “Output Format” panel to open the list of formats, where you can access more than 300 audio and video formats. All you need to do is select “FLAC” as the output format in the “Audio” tab.
  • Step 3: Start DVD to FLAC conversion. Click the “Run” button at the bottom of the interface to start converting DVD to FLAC.

How to convert DVD to FLAC quickly


Although video streaming services are becoming more and more popular lately, it is undeniable that there are still many users who are DVD movie fans and especially for those who appreciate audio in movie, it is helpful to extract audio from DVD movie and save it as a digital file. WonderFox DVD Video Converter will provide a perfect solution to meet the needs of these users, helping them to rip DVD movies to FLAC quickly and easily. Try it! That’s all from the software section, keep following us!