Protect yourself from spyware: use ClevGuard in 3 + 2 simple steps!

Does monitoring the activity of a PC or applying a parental control on your children’s smartphone seem complex to you? It is actually much simpler than it looks. That’s why you need to protect yourself with software like ClevGuard!

Nowadays we spend practically all our day in front of a PC or smartphone: at work we are planted in front of a screen for several hours, on break we have our trusty smartphone that connects us as friends and relatives and then maybe we go home and we start playing our favorite video game.

But not just for us, also for our children it is so now! Smartphones and tablets have replaced video games and TV by now in the afternoon of children who, from infants, become familiar with the digital world.

In the middle of this digital forest there is the risk of getting lost, let’s face it. AND when you lose yourself you become vulnerable. We must realize that our smartphones and PCs contain a lot of private information about us! We now use them for everything from souvenir photos to managing our money. A booty that could attract the attention of many people. This is why it is important protect yourself with software like ClevGuard.

Protect yourself from spyware: use ClevGuard in 3 + 2 simple steps!

Preamble: but is it legal?

Luckily monitoring the activity of other people’s smartphones and PCs is illegal. In fact, the privacy laws are very strict. Obviously in relations between citizens, it is absolutely forbidden by law to monitor the activities of others via PCs and other devices. But in some particular cases, such as in the workplace, how does it work?

At work

The employer is obviously allowed to monitor his employees, but following some guidelines imposed by law:

  • necessity principle, that is, the control must be necessary or indispensable with respect to a previously determined purpose and having the character of exceptionality
  • principle of finality which provides that the control must be aimed at guaranteeing the security or business continuity, or at preventing and repressing illegal
  • principle of transparency which provides that the employer must inform employees in advance about the limits of use of the information tools, as well as about the penalties provided for in the event of violation of these limits, and about the controls implemented.
  • principle of proportionality provides that the employer must adopt forms of control necessary in relation to the aim pursued and not disproportionate
  • safety principle provides that the data collected must be adequately protected

As if that weren’t enough, the Privacy Guarantor argues that “it is illegal to systematically monitor workers’ internet browsing”. What does it mean? Installing software that systematically tracks employee online activity is illegal. But then it is just impossible for the employer to monitor the activity of his employees to your PC or company phone? No, it is actually authorized to do so, but employees must be informed and give their consent.

Protect yourself from spyware: use ClevGuard in 3 + 2 simple steps!

With children

And for minors? One might think that by virtue of the parents’ right of correction and control over their children, they are allowed to spy on their children through parental control software. In truth, the art. 16 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child which reads:

No child will be subject to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his private life, family, home or correspondence, nor will he be subjected to unlawful attacks on his honor and reputation.

The child has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or confrontations.

So even minors are protected from interference in their parents’ lives. The situation is a little less stringent compared to what happens with adults, but in any case the idea must always be that of dialogue as a first resource, avoiding fraud that could also damage the children.

Protect yourself from spyware: use ClevGuard in 3 + 2 simple steps!

ClevGuard: spyware protection in just a few steps!

Spyware is software that collects data about our activities. You can really memorize everything, from the websites you visit to the apps you use, to the words you type on the keyboard. Would you ever have said that? Yet it is so. But luckily ClevGuard gives us a chance to defend ourselves in a simple and 100% effective way. Here’s how to do it:

  • Download the application: ClevGuard is available on the Play Store, just download it like any other app.
  • Scan the device: let’s open the application and the first thing that will catch your eye is a big blue button. Reward him. ClevGuard will now search for all spyware on the device.
  • Remove spyware: at the end of the scan, ClevGuard will show us the spyware detected, allowing us to remove them. As? By clicking on “Fix”!
  • You didn’t expect it to be that simple, did you? Why not also try it on your smartphone out of curiosity. Do you think you are really completely safe? Do a scan and maybe you will realize the risk you are running.

    The camera is also safe

    But ClevGuard doesn’t just find spyware. It is much more. A very common thing that different spy apps can do is to record sounds and images with your smartphone without you being able to notice. Here because we can also see the accesses to the camera and microphones by apps, even in the background.

    And do we forget the email?

    Not enough for you? In our professional life, emails are the basis. However, it happens, much more often than you think, that cybercriminals are able to illegally access e-mail provider databases to steal their content. Millions and millions of e-mail boxes end up on the dark web to be bought by other shady characters, typically for spamming or other illegal activities. With ClevGuard you can check if your account has been compromised.

    In short, if you want to protect your privacy, you can’t not try ClevGuard! Very simple to use, but very effective. Always remember that privacy is a right and is protected by numerous laws! But how can you spot spies without a suitable tool? That’s all from the software section, keep following us!

    Louise Grollman is a proficient writer specializing in software and web-related how-to guides. With a keen understanding of the digital landscape, Louise provides step-by-step instructions, tips, and insights to help readers navigate and master various software applications and web development techniques.