Innovation and technology: the importance of streaming today

Online streaming technology has allowed all the platforms that use it to achieve remarkable results in terms of services and opportunities for their users.

Thanks to this innovation, in fact, it is possible to take advantage of content and products to download on your computer (but also via other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets) in real time and, if you consider live streaming, also of all the contents transmitted live by the “Source” as in the case of live radio broadcasts. Here is a quick overview of how this technology works and the most interesting applications that can be made of it in the entertainment sector, from video streaming platforms to those intended for digital gaming.

Streaming: what it is, how it works and what are its main types

Most of us deal with streaming platforms on a daily basis, but few know exactly what lies behind the functioning of one of the most interesting technological innovations of recent years. By streaming we mean the continuous flow of data that is transmitted from a source and circulates between the devices connected to it, via the internet connection: the name itself derives from the English “stream” (which can be translated into Italian as “flow”), and it allows you to immediately grasp the revolution underlying this technology, precisely the constant flow of data. In fact, streaming content means doing without physical copies of every piece of music, film or game and “simply”, thanks to a stable internet connection, being able to follow the progress of the chosen content in real time. When we talk about streaming we can refer to two main types of data transmission: live streaming and streaming on demand. The first, also known as live streaming or live streaming, allows users to enjoy live content broadcast in real time, as happens for those who follow the news through Rai Play live broadcast or for those who listen to a web radio from their own. smartphone. The second type of streaming, streaming on demand or on demand, is instead characteristic of platforms dedicated to the reproduction of audio and video content such as Tidal or Now TV: in this case the platforms make available to registered users a catalog containing all the titles. available to choose from and, after selecting the desired content, playback begins within seconds, without the user having to use analog media such as CDs or DVDs.

Innovation and technology: the importance of streaming today

Online platforms and streaming in the entertainment sector: video, game and audio

When it comes to online streaming, it is impossible not to mention some of the most popular names of the moment with regards to video content playback platforms: this is the case with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video with regard to the great giants of international streaming, but also with Rai Play as regards national or Mubi services for the diffusion of auteur or independent films. However, streaming is not only about the reproduction of films and TV series: in the entertainment sector, streaming applied to digital platforms is also very important, as in the case of Betway. Finally, the music sector also foresees massive use for streaming, both in terms of on-demand and live streaming. In the first case, popular platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and all the others are the ones that offer users catalogs with thousands of songs (from hit songs to songs of niche genres) to be played in one click, while, as regards live streaming, it is possible to follow numerous radio and direct broadcasts through their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets thanks to dedicated applications.

Once you have established how streaming works, you can begin to understand the use made of it by the many online platforms available to users. Whether it is streaming on demand or live streaming, therefore, in any case, the user experience is increasingly at the center of the programs of the platforms dedicated to the reproduction of content, thanks to specific apps and software that are always updated with respect to latest technological trends.