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Insta360 Flow, the AI ​​stabilizer for your smartphone

Insta360 Flow is the new AI smartphone stabilizer that revolutionizes the way video is created. With its intelligent tracking system, it allows you to frame the subject you want with a simple press on the screen. And you can also use it as a tripod or selfie stick.

Insta360 Flow, the AI ​​stabilizer for your smartphone

Flow will follow its movements with incredible precision, even if it hides or moves quickly. It offers stabilization high-quality 3-axis which eliminates any judder or blurring from your footage. Whether you are walking, running or jumping, Flow ensures smooth videos and
clear in every situation.

Flow also features a built-in selfie stick, which extends up to 1 meter and auto-hides itself in videos. In addition, it also has a built-in tripod and power bankwhich allow you to place the stabilizer on a flat surface and charge your smartphone while you record.

JK Liu, founder of Insta360, explains: “For our first smartphone gimbal we wanted a device that goes beyond the basic functionality and offers a completely new way to shoot video from your smartphone. Thanks to our AI technology, perfected by years of research and experience, Flow tracks, stabilizes and modifies your content”.

Intelligent stabilization

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Flow is a smartphone stabilizer that allows you to follow the framed subject with precision, versatility and reliability. Leverage Deep Track 3.0 to never lose sight of your subject, always keeping in precise focus.

Thanks to the feature Re-Identification of the person, Flow recognizes the subject even if it is hindered by other elements. Also, you can use Flow for zooming, slow motion and face tracking in video calls or live streams with the most popular apps. If the subject leaves the frame, Flow finds him with the Tracking Recovery function e it follows it with zoom and direction.

Flow is not just a stabilizer, but a real content creation tool. You can transform it as a selfie stick, which extends up to 215mm. But also a tripod for timelapse and 360 photos, a power bank da 2900 mAh or one mounting bracket for the microphone. Flow is easy to use – just stick your phone with the magnetic clamp, open the gimbal and the Insta360 app and start shooting. With Flow, your footage will be fast, easy and seamless.

With her SmartWheel integrated, you can control your phone with a simple touch and switch between different shooting modes to adapt to any situation. Flow also has a mode Auto which optimizes settings based on your movements, a FPV mode which brings the thrill of a drone and a mode to life Hoop which logs baskets in real time – designed for basketball fans.

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Also, with Insta360 app you can add spectacular effects and use Panorama, TimeShift, Timelapse Motion e Zoom Dolly, with truly Hollywood flair.

The battery reaches up to 12 hours, then you can use FlashCut to mount your clips with ease.

Insta360 Flow: Price and Availability

You can find Insta360 Flow gAlready today on the official website, as well as on Amazon at the price of 169,99 euro. In two colors, Summit White e Stone Grey.