Insta360 ONE RS: la action cam ha nuovi obiettivi intercambiabili thumbnail

Insta360 ONE RS: The action camera has new interchangeable lenses

Nital S.p.A. launched the new one on the market Insta360 ONE RS: an action camera with interchangeable lenses that offers all-in-one versatility, without compromise.

Using a three-part design – battery, core and three replaceable lenses – the ONE RS effortlessly transforms from a 360 ° camera to a traditional action camera. A new high-performance 4K Boost lens, with a 1/2 “image sensor and 48 MP resolution, allows for incredibly detailed wide-angle videos and photos, while the new ONE RS Computing Core allows for the ability to be equipped with a excellent built-in stabilization, cleaner audio and more.

The modular design means that the new Boost 4K lens and the new Nucleo are also compatible with the previous generation ONE R, allowing users to upgrade their camera with total flexibility. The 5.7K 360 lens, on the other hand, opens up a wide range of creative possibilities with the Invisible effect of the Selfie Stick and 360 ° shots. In addition, the 5.3K wide angle lens with 1 inch image sensor, designed in collaboration with Leica, continues to deliver unprecedented image quality .; Insta360’s new action camera is robust and waterproof up to 5 meters.

Fully upgraded 4K Boost lens

The new Boost 4K lens is the choice of athletes, adventurers and creatives to focus – it really should be said – on vibrant and detailed action shots and footage. With an upgraded 1/2 ″ 48 MP image sensor, the new lens records sharper 4K video at 60 fps and stunning 48 MP photos. Two innovative new modes are available on the Boost 4K lens: the first is Active HDRperfect for action sports, While the HDR modes of other action cameras are limited to static use due to technological limitations, Insta360’s Active HDR is specifically designed for action. Active HDR mode keeps your video stabilized as you move, reducing ghosting and revealing details in lights and shadows that other action cameras can’t capture.

The second new mode is the 6K Widescreen. Taking full advantage of the 48MP sensor, this mode records in 6K, then at very high resolution, with the classic 2.35: 1 aspect ratio, for a cinematic widescreen look.

Change the lens for ultra-creative 360 ​​° shots.

With its modular design, ONE RS ensures that users always have the best tool, no matter the circumstance. The 4K Boost lens is ideal for capturing the smallest details, while the 360 ​​lens is perfect for when you don’t want to worry about what to shoot with the camera.

Whether you’re riding a motorbike, skiing or just having fun, getting creative and effortless shots with the 360 ​​lens is a breeze. All you have to do is mount the camera and record capturing everything in 5.7K, 360 degrees. After that, you can choose your favorite angle (or multiple angles) and export and share it like any other video.

The 360 ​​lens allows users to record amazing third person video. Thanks to the dual lens design, the Selfie Stick is automatically made invisible, resulting in impossible angles like in video games.

Best stabilization ever, now integrated.

With the new Core ONE RS, Insta360’s proprietary FlowState stabilization is now delivered through the camera hardware for smoother video than ever. With improved built-in stabilization, users can now instantly share stabilized wide-angle content on social media, without having to process it first in the Insta360 app.

It doesn’t matter how much the camera is tilted. The 360 ​​degree horizon adjustment ensures that your video is always magically leveled. Simply activate the setting on the Insta360 app or desktop software for videos shot with any of the three lenses and the video will instantly be leveled.

Faster, simpler, more robust.

With a rugged design and IPX8 water resistance to 5 meters, the ONE RS is built to go wherever you go. Even at the peak of the action, high-performance connectors ensure seamless and reliable integration between modules. A series of hardware upgrades make the camera run smoothly all the time.

Updates to the new ONE RS Core include:

● An additional microphone for clean, true-to-life audio

● 50% faster Wi-Fi for easy file transfer on the go

● Instant Zoom function, for up to 2.7x digital zoom when recording videos

● A quick menu for easier access to preset shooting modes

The chassis has also been redesigned, with a new quick release mechanism for easy lens changing, a windproof microphone cover, and a heat dissipation panel that allows the camera to always maintain the right temperature while recording.

With the Quick Reader accessory, there is no need to transfer files over Wi-Fi, saving time, battery and storage space on your phone. Just connect it to ONE RS to save the files to an SD card and have them already available to start editing.

Editing is even easier

Edit epic videos with ease thanks to the editing programs of the Insta360 app, full of features based on AI.

For 360 ° shooting, finding the best angle is easy with Snap Wizard – just move your phone or swipe the screen to change the camera angle and instantly export the desired footage. For fun effects like Clone or Stop Motion, Shot Lab is constantly being updated. An exciting new effect is Cinelapse, which adds cinematic transitions between clips to create a superior hyperlapse.

For wide-angle movies, FlashCut uses AI to find the best moments in your clips and edit them together to the beat of the music. You can choose from different editing themes, from action movies to travel vlogs.

For users who prefer desktop editing, free Insta360 Studio software is also available for Mac and Windows, as well as free plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

More than an action camera

Insta360 ONE RS is not just an action camera. It becomes a 360-degree camera for live streaming using the Insta360 application, but also a webcam when connected to a computer.The camera also offers enormous potential thanks to continuous hardware upgrades and the improved features of its modular design.

Availability and prices

Insta360 ONE RS is available on, on and at the best retailers. It is offered at the price of 569.99 €. or alternatively, for users who want to have only one module, the edition with the 4K Boost lens only, is sold at the price of 319,99 €, while the 1-inch edition costs 569,99 €. The Core, Battery, and Mounting Frame can also be purchased individually.