International Day of Peace: 3 books that talk about it

The International Day of Peace was instituted on November 30, 1981 by the General Assembly of the United Nations

Every war is a war against children, the weak, women, men. Every war is a war against ourselves.

The resolution of 7 September 2001 | International Day of Peace: 3 books that talk about it

Before September 7, 2001, the International Day of Peace it was celebrated on the third Thursday of September. From the next resolution, in that year, only one day was established: on September 21.

The resolution called on all states and organizations to to commemorate and focus on promoting educational actions, encouraging public awareness, to raise awareness and cooperate for global peace.

It was the product of Jeremy Gilley’s campaign and the Peace One Day organization. Through it, on September 21, from that year onwards, in addition to being the day of peace it would also be that of cease-fire.

The purpose | International Day of Peace: 3 books that talk about it

As we said, the day is meant to educate, inform and encourage the stop to conflicts. Especially in this period, he wants to shed light on the wars that are gripping, depriving adults of freedom, children of childhood and many of life.

Peace was recognized as a right in the Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace of 1984. The desire to save future generations from war was the basis that led to the founding of the United Nations Organization.

The 60th anniversary of the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights he underlined how war deprives man of his rights and how much peace is therefore fundamental to ensure that they are respected.

There are things to never do, neither day nor night, neither by sea nor on land: for example war.

Gianni Rodari

3 books

The war of the bells by Gianni Rodari.

A story that speaks of peace, of how nature manages to rebel against the senselessness of man by finding a way to extinguish wars.

Akim corre di Claude K. Dubois.

The story of Akim, the story of many other children seeking asylum, fleeing from war, screaming for peace.

The day the war came by Nicola Davies.

True story of a little girl who escapes from the war to arrive in Europe with the dream of studying. She is rejected by everyone but not by the children of the school who find a way to study with her.

I just have to wish you a good reading, because reading and educating children about peace is the first step towards a better world.