iPhone 14 will shoot at 48MP, the 15 with the periscope

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The analyst and expert of the Apple world Ming-Chi Kuo provides that the next iPhone 14 will have a main camera from 48MP, while the 2023 iPhone will even have a periscope. Next year on the Pro line will increase the quality of the main sensor while on iPhone 15 we will even see a new optic.

iPhone 14 will have a 48MP camera, 15 a periscope

In a note to investors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo bet on the photographic future of iPhones. Confirming some of the discretions that have been circulating for a while on the next iPhone 14, which Apple will most likely announce the next September 2022. But also with the prospect of a new sensor on the iPhone 15: a periscope capable of an exceptional zoom.

The novelty should come only for the models iPhone 14 Pro e Pro Max, which would have the 48MP main sensor. The first big step up from the 12MP camera introduced with iPhone 12 last year. Instead the other two cameras, an ultra-wide angle sensor and a telescope, should remain unchanged.

According to the analyst, the novelty is used by Apple to carry out the pixel binning, ‘concentrating’ four pixels into one for better performance especially in worst light conditions. This should reduce noise in candlelit photographs, taken in the evening or when it sets.

Instead Kuo moved to the 2023 the anticipation of the arrival of a periscope able to optical zoom up to 10x. A novelty appreciated by many users on other Android smartphones. But on which one it seems that the Apple wants to take its time. Perhaps also because the news for the iPhone 14 are already many and it does not want to burn the marketing effect of this sensor.

However, unofficial news remains: there are still almost nine months left until the arrival of the next iPhone. We will update you with all the news.