Jujutsu Kaisen entra in pausa | Jump Highlights

Jujutsu Kaisen has a small number of boards in this week’s issue of Jump, and Gege Akutami announces a break of about a month. A week’s break also for One Piece, where the balance of strength of the battle is reversed

The news had already leaked over the weekend, after the release of the first scans: Gege Akutami suspends Jujutsu Kaisen for at least a month.

After a couple of tables in which Maki the extermination of the clan continues Zen’in, the rest of the space for the manga on Weekly Shonen Jump is dedicated to a letter from Shueisha and by Gege Akutami himself. As it turns out, Akutami wanted to continue working, but the editors advised him to stop.

Akutami declares that he does not suffer from any health problems and that he is mentally in good shape. However, after the tragic case of Kentaro Miura, public attention has once again returned to the working conditions of the mangaka. Too much work can really be deadly.

Jujutsu Kaisen entra in pausa | Jump Highlights

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Speaking of breaks, the case of One Piece ed Eiichiro Oda it is itself peculiar. In fact, it is now well established that the author regularly takes a weekly break about every month. It seems that Oda and Shueisha have had to compromise in order not to completely stop the magazine’s flagship manga, but these regular micropause are still a cause for concern for the sensei’s health conditions.

In Onigashima, the war continues, with a reversal of the fate of the alliance, hit hard by the disappearance of Luffy. Indeed, Nami and Usopp they manage to defeat Ulti live on the radio, announcing the killing of two of the Tobi Roppos to the whole island. While the allied forces are galvanized by the news, the enemies are desperate.

Furthermore, Otama now he intends to give a radio order to all the Gifters he controlled thanks to mochi-mochi. What will it be? We will have to wait two weeks to find out.

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