L² Technology from Leica and Panasonic – Let’s find out the details of the new alliance

L² Technology di Leica e Panasonic - Scopriamo i dettagli della nuova allenza thumbnail

Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Corporation e Leica Camera AG they announced a new alliance commercial. Let’s find out all the details of this partnership together under the new name L² Technology.

L² Technology from Leica and Panasonic

L² Technology symbolically uses the two Ls of LEICA and LUMIX and is the symbol of the collaboration that unites the two companies. The result is the development of new cameras and new lenses. But also next generation software and solutions capable of bringing value to the imaging market.

The statements

Yuki Kusumi, CEO of Panasonic Holdings Corporations, said: “I am very pleased with this partnership with Leica Camera. By jointly developing and marketing with Leica, we will be able to deliver products that will delight countless customers. This is a major turning point that will undoubtedly lead to the development of imaging and which will be particularly exciting for Panasonic Holdings. Personally I can’t wait to start using the new LUMIX with L² Technology. ”

Furthermore, Akira Toyoshima, CEO of Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co. Ltd said: “With the arrival of an era where photos and videos are shared globally in real time, cameras must have the ability to bring exciting and breathtaking content to life. I have always been impressed by the high photographic quality and imaging philosophy that Leica has developed over its long history. I am really happy and excited to continue working with Leica to develop technologies that will allow the world to share its emotions. ”

Matthew Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera AG, added: “We have been working with Panasonic for many years in a spirit of partnership and trust; his far-reaching experience is beyond question. The combination of our expertise in L2 Technology is another cornerstone of this partnership. It shows that the best way to overcome the current challenges in the camera market is not segmentation and specialization, but the search for functionality in order to create solutions for the future together. ”

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