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Profondo Rosso: Dario Argento’s masterpiece in 4K from 10 July

Profondo Rosso is back in theaters on July 10th. The restored 4K version of Dario Argento’s cult horror masterpiece

The cult horror signed by the director Darius Silver, Deep red; returns to Italian cinemas on July 10th. An even more thrilling 4K restored version, ready to drag viewers once again into a yellow labyrinth. Balancing between oneirism, darkness and enchantment; starring the actress Daria Nicolodi (disappeared in 2022), David Hemmings e Gabriel Lavia.

With the original music signed by George Gaslini and come on Goblin Of Claudius Simonetti; the return of the Italian horror that has turned the cinematic tradition upside down.

Profondo Rosso: Dario Argento’s indelible mark is back in 4K

Fragmented and enigmatic, the masterpiece Deep Red by Dario Argentostill represents an indelible reference for the Italian film genre. Point of reference for generations of filmmakers like John Carpenter (Halloween), Eli Roth (Hostel) e James Wan; Dario Argento conquered world peaks in the film season between 1974/75.

The plot of Deep red focuses on the story of Mark, (David Hemmings) an English jazz pianist, involuntary witness of a terrible murder. The boy decides to start investigating on his own, together with the help of a young local journalist (played by Daria Nicolodi)). Soon, he realizes that all the people who can help him solve the mystery are killed.

The return of the film by Dario Argento in 4K version next July 10th, is the result of a collaboration between RTI-Mediaset and Cat People, a new distribution house founded by Raffaele Petrini and Alessandro Tavola. As they stated:

We want to bring back films that are meaningful to everyone, without divisions by category, to (re)live that dimension of amazement, transport and discovery that the cinema of the past is still able to give. We wanted our first release to be Italian and emblematic, and for us it was natural to choose Profondo Rosso because it embodies everything cinema can be and do

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