Loki is officially available on Disney +

Loki joins the other high-quality Marvel TV products released in the previous months. Available from today 9 June on Disney +, the series promises to be truly unmissable

Despite the pandemic and the closure of cinemas around the world, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been able to focus on television series in a timely manner. In fact, while other franchises had to wait for the theaters to open, think of James Bond, the MCU has continued to be talked about through excellent television products. To WandaVision, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, is added from today, June 9, Loki with Tom Hiddlestlon. Obviously only on Disney +.

Loki promises to be an unmissable television series

Loki is made up of six episodes. The first is 52 minutes, while the following has not yet been confirmed a minute. The series is, like the previous ones, in phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which will debut at the cinema with the first film of the new cycle: Black Widow. Along with Tom Hiddleston to play Loki, we will also find other famous actors such as Owen Wilson. Created by Michael Waldron, writer and producer of Rick and Morty, the television series promises from the trailers and this first episode a tour de force that will take Loki into an alternate timeline.

Loki is officially available on Disney +

What is being built on the Disney + platform is truly a television micro universe with a more evident feature than the MCU’s macro story in the cinema. If even Marvel films look for different genres and moods, in television series this aspect is more noticeable. In fact, if WandaVision is a dramedy about grieving and the importance of mental health, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was something completely different. Loki will also be very different from the previous two series. We advise you not to lose it because together with Hiddleston’s well-known charisma, there should be important narrative innovations fundamental to the macro story of the MCU.

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