Long white cloud by Terence Biffi wins the Amazon Storyteller 2022

Lunga nuvola bianca di Terence Biffi vince l'Amazon Storyteller 2022

Long white cloud by Terence Biffi was awarded as winner of the Amazon Storyteller 2022, at the end of the first edition of the Indie Book Festival in Milan

The third Italian edition of Amazon Storyteller 2022a literary award that allows more or less established writers to let the public discover their works, ended with the victory of Terence Biffiauthor of the book Long white cloud: New Zealand without filters. The announcement took place on 10 November 2022 on the occasion of the Indie Book Fest, the first Italian festival dedicated to independent authorsheld in Milan and which we have already talked about in a previous article.

The jury of experts, made up of Cristina Stillitano (winner of the 2021 edition), Marinella Zetti (independent journalist), Laura Rocca (author), Luca Bizzarri (actor, comedian and TV presenter) and Andrea Pasino (Kindle Direct Publishing Italy Manager, France and Spain), shared the reasons that led to the choice of the 2022 winner:

The jury of the third edition of Amazon Storyteller, while recognizing the quality and commitment in all the finalist works, decreed that, by virtue of the originality of the story, the wealth of detail and the author’s ability to convey his passion, the book winner is “Long white cloud” by Terence Biffi.

The winning author will receive a cash reward of €10.000 and will be eligible for a campaign marketing to promote your book on Amazon.it. Additionally, the winning book will have the option of being published in audio format by Audible. An exclusive will be reserved for all the other finalists e-reader Kindle Oasis.

Long white cloud by Terence Biffi wins the Amazon Storyteller 2022

The texture of Long white cloud

The plot of Long white cloud resumes the true story of a journey that led the author to find himself, in the midst of the pandemic, in New Zealand, to discover a land full of curiosities and uniqueness. “Long White Cloud” is not a tour guide or the story of an interrupted career, it is New Zealand told through the eyes of a traveller, who together with Deborah, met in an Auckland hostel, has traveled over ten thousand kilometers aboard a Mitsubishi L300, exploring a slice of the world and himself at the same time. “Long white cloud: New Zealand without filters” is a work that arouses mixed feelings, and above all makes you want to buy a van and go far away.

The winning book and all the others featured in the initiative are available to Amazon.it customers, who can read them on any device thanks to the free Kindle app for iPhone, iPad, smartphones and PCs, as well as on Kindle e-readers and on Fire tablets.