Luna Park: the new Netflix series

Announced the new Italian series by Netflix Luna Park. Set in 1960s Rome, it will be available at the end of 2021 on the well-known platform

After the success achieved with the series Zero, Netflix announces another unmissable all-Italian bet: Luna Park. Created and written by Isabella Aguilar (Baby, The Place), with people engaged behind the camera Leonardo D’Agostini (The Champion) e Anna Negri.

Produced by Fandango is currently scheduled for the end of 2021, ready to delight the viewer with stories and plots in the evocative streets of the Eternal City.

Texture and details | Luna Park: the new Netflix series

Kaleidoscopic images. Bright and surreal colors. A first teaser released by Netflix cryptic and ambitious, leaving free interpretation of the future series.

Composed of a total of 6 episodes, it will be set in 1960s Rome. Under the background of the Dolce Vita, the meeting of two young girls Nora e Rosa with different styles, it will be a starting point towards the goals and hopes of the future. An introspective journey between generations of the past and the future, made up of intrigues and secrets, but also unexpected new loves.

With Simona tabasco in the role of Nora Marini. Tommaso Ragno in the guise of the father. The grandmother played by Milvia Marigliano. Mario Sgueglia in the role of his uncle Ettore. The actress Ludovica Martino will instead be Stella.

The Gabrielli family will consist of Lia Greco in the role of Rosa. Guglielmo Poggi will be his brother Giggi, Paolo Calabresi (Boris), in the role of Tullio, father of Rosa and Gigg. Finally Fabrizia Sacchi (Suspiria) in those of the mother Lucia.

The events of the Marini and Gabrielli families are intertwined with those of the Baldi, composed by Lando played by Michele Bevilacqua; Doriana, who has the face of Lorenza, followed by their two sons Matteointerpetato by Edoardo Coen and Simone from Alessio Lapice.

Also in the cast Giulio Corso, Matteo Olivetti, Alessandra Carrillo, Gianfranco Gallo, Davide Valle, Roberto Evangelista, Giulia Ricciardi, Lidia Vitale and Ilaria Loriga.

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