Made in (digital) Italy: il 7 marzo a Roma la presentazione

Made in (digital) Italy: the presentation on 7 March in Rome

Made in (digital) Italy is the new book created by Start Magazie and ICINN, with the support of Amazon. On 7 March 2023 the presentation in Rome at Spazio Europa

Made in (digital) Italy: the digital turning point as a lever for Made in Italywill be presented on the day Tuesday 7 March at 17:15 in Rome, at Europe area in via IV novembre 149; the book was produced by Start Magazine and ICINN, the Institute for the Culture of Innovation, with the support of Amazon. During the event, the values ​​of the growth of global trade in the last three years will be illustrated and the opportunities that digital can represent for Made in Italy will be discussed.

With the term Made in Italy it indicates the origin of a product that has Italy as its origin. According to a study published in 2017 by Forbes, the brand was ranked seventh in terms of reputation among consumers around the world, and already in 2012 it was the third brand for notoriety after Coke and Visa.

Made in (digital) Italy: the presentation on 7 March in Rome

The journalist will introduce the presentation of Made in (digital) Italy Clare Rossibut there will also be speeches from political world like the senators Elena Murelli and Silvia Fregolent, and the deputies Giorgio Mulé, Lorenzo Malagola and Giulio Centemero. Other guests of the presentation will be the director of the Amazon Seller Service Ilaria Zanelotti and Roberto Liscia, president of Netcomm, a point of reference in the field of e-commerce and digital retail. Modeatrice Enrica Belli, journalist of Rai Radio 1. Finally, representatives of the Italian SMEswhose interviews are featured in the book: Andrea Magnone of Emilia Food Love, Gianmichele Gnavolini for Gnavolini Collezione Sapore and Alice Edun for AfroRicci.

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