Microsoft Teams: new features dedicated to the general public

New features for the general public are coming to Microsoft Teams, to make it easier to connect and manage daily life

Already at the beginning of the month we had noticed some news a Microsoft Teams, thanks to the section Microsoft Education. These range from Reading Progress a new security features, also adding new tools for collaboration. For more details, I invite you to read our article. Let’s go now and see which are the new features dedicated to the general public on Microsoft Teams that arrived yesterday.

Here are the new features dedicated to the general public of Microsoft Teams

The first, fundamental, function introduced for the use of Teams in daily life is the Together mode. This takes your video calling experiences to a new level, reducing fatigue and making participants feel closer. Specifically, through this feature, it is possible to transform any normal video call between friends and relatives setting it in a shared space, with the ability to choose from a variety of new virtual environments such as, for example, a living room, a café or even a holiday resort. All this is to add a touch of joy to your calls when you are physically distant.

Another novelty concerns the ability to send reactions and GIFs, a feature now also available for the consumer version of Teams. These can also be used following a call in which you could not participate in order to continue the conversation. Microsoft Teams allows you to access the thread at any time to read and consult it even after the virtual meeting has ended.

Microsoft Teams: new features dedicated to the general public

Plus, Teams allows you to invite up to 300 people within the same video call, with the ability to share the link for the connection with anyone, even with users who do not use the platform, using any device or web browser. The platform also allows you to create a group chat by adding participants through their email address or phone number. Even users who are not using the platform can view and reply to the group chat using SMS.

Once the chat is created, it’s possible share a to-do-list or assign tasks, with the ability for all members to view, edit task details or tick items once completed. Finally, it is possible to convert a message within the group into a real task, to optimize times. The survey function, useful for keeping track of your choices, such as where to go for dinner or what day to meet everyone for an outing.

Finally, a dashboard can be displayed for each chat, able to organize all shared content within the group: from photos to files, from links to shared tasks and upcoming group events. In short, the right compromise between work and private life to better manage both. What do you think of these new Microsoft Teams features? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the software and technological universe, continue to follow the pages of!

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