Midnight Blood Review: Light but profound reading

Midnight Blood tells a fantasy story in a very flowing guise. Let’s find out, in this review, what lies behind such a particular title

When we talk about fiction with fantasy characters, we usually think of readings aimed at a young audience. In reality, this is not always true: Midnight Blood (first work by Valeria Augieri) is a book suitable for all ages, especially by virtue of its different interpretations and levels of study. Let’s find out the reasons in the review.

Plot | Midnight Blood Review

Lots of meat on the fire, a plot that develops rapidly. Without wishing to make spoilers, we offer you the excerpt of the book:

Jennifer is a special girl, beautiful, good at school, a favorite of teachers, has two great best friends and works in a pub in the evenings. The only things she misses are a boyfriend and a family. His life just goes by. Then one day, suddenly during a student ceremony, her real family shows up, the one she ran away from, her brothers and their wives, vampires and witches. Her sister, who has become a ghost, also enters Jenny’s house. The Biscardi family, powerful and feared by all, reunited almost completely. Everything changes for Jennifer from now on… The author gives us a compelling novel, showing us a changing world, wounded and divided between human hunters, vampires, witches, ghosts, werewolves and mermaids.

Different levels of reading | Midnight Blood Review

A book that explores a fantasy world starting from an ordinary life with an unexpected return, with many implications in a crescendo of situations. Certainly, those who are passionate about the genre, will not be surprised to find hunters, vampires, witches, ghosts, werewolves and mermaids as protagonists. The way in which the various characters are introduced, the stereotypes and discrimination they are all victims of make this reading intriguing. Midnight’s Blood form is a book suitable for anyone lending itself to different interpretations. Different conclusions depending on your level of depth of the text. In fact, on a more innocent reading, we find ourselves in front of a short story that fully embodies the genre to which it belongs, remaining pleasant all the time and never boring, ending in a couple of hours.

Digging deeper, and carrying out a more careful and less innocent reading, through the differences between the various “races” presented in the book, we face very mature themes. We are talking about discrimination due to stereotypes, the fear of revealing a secret, the drama of a life that cannot end, and also positive messages related to the will to sacrifice oneself for others and beyond. The reader has the pleasure of deepening the reading and grasping all the hidden messages of the book.

Valeria Augeri, the author of Midnight Blood

Born on February 23, 1997, she lives in Bisignano (CS), with her parents and younger sister. He studies communication sciences and Dams, Sangue di Mezzanotte is his first book.

A key title | Midnight Blood

The title plays a key role in the book, with a periodic reference that links each chapter and each story, perhaps redundant but for this very reason able to mark its rhythm. Being a relatively short text, 187 pages, the presence of such a fast pace means that it is read in one breath. Precisely by virtue of the many characters introduced, the many stories that intersect, there is a lot of space that can be filled with hypotheses of all kinds, but which we would have liked, even at the cost of a heavier reading, to “touch”.

Definitely a book to have, an interesting start and a lot of potential for a new author who surely still has many stories to tell.

Points in favor

  • Scrolling reading
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Innovative
  • Intense…