More books throughout the year, the events that anticipate Più Libri Più Liberi

Più libri tutto l'anno, gli eventi che anticipano Più Libri Più Liberi

Più libri all year round inaugurates the cycle of meetings that will precede Più Libri Più Liberi, the Roman festival of small and medium-sized publishing. The first event already on March 12th

More books all year round it is the name given to the events they will anticipate More Books More Liberi, the small and medium-sized publishing festival which is held every year at Alla Nuvola in Rome and which achieved a record attendance in its last edition. In fact, the cycle of anticipations will start on March 12 and was created to give voice to the event, through meetings with Italian and foreign authors, which will take place on a monthly basis in various places in the capital.

More books throughout the year: the series of meetings

The first meeting is on March 12 at National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Artwhere American author Ijeoma Oluo will present her first book to the public And so you want to talk about race. On March 31st, thanks to a collaboration with Adelphi, the Off/Off Theater will host a meeting entirely dedicated to Carlo Emilio Gadda, on that date the fiftieth anniversary of his death; during the event we will talk about Journal of War and Prison in the company of the Gaddist and essayist Giorgio Pinotti and the writer Ginevra Lamberti, accompanied by readings by Fabrizio Gifuni.

At the institutional level, however, there will be collaborations with the Libraries of Rome. One of the first events will concern the young writer Jasmine Carrerawho will arrive directly from Mexico City to present her collection of essays Strange bodytitle that received the award Latin American Voices in 2013. The journey will then continue with the Italian fantasy author Lycia Troisiastrophysicist and best-selling author, television presenter and popularizer, who will give a lecture entitled Revolution Copernicusfor the 550th anniversary of the birth of the Polish astronomer.