NIKON has released ver.1.2.0 of the NX FIELD camera system

NIKON ha lanciato la ver.1.2.0 del sistema di ripresa a distanza NX FIELD thumbnail

Nital SpA has announced the launch of Nikon NX Field Ver. 1.2.0: the latest version of the remote shooting system for professional imaging agencies.

The software update will support the mirrorless camera functionality in an even more important way Nikon Z 9 full-frame / FX format. LUpdate Ver. 1.2.0 will allow Z 9 users to easily detect nine types of subjects.

It is the largest series of subjects in the world: from people to planes, passing through dogs, cats, birds, bicycles, motorcycles, cars and trains. It also allows you to shoot the subject more precisely, even through remote operation.

Additionally, the update supports the Z 9’s High Speed ​​Frame Capture + feature, which it uses the fastest shutter rate in the world (120 fps) and allows remote capture of those crucial and decisive moments that would otherwise be lost to the naked eye and which are instead fundamental for sports photographers and photojournalists.

But that is not all. Dual Stream technology incorporated in the Z 9 allows Live viewing
View on a smartphone or tablet, with a very short delay and without any block during sequential shooting. This ensures reliable capture of those unmissable moments, even with remote operation.

This technology, combined with the latest software update and a body design that eliminates the need for a mechanical shutter, makes the Z 9 the perfect choice for professional photographers.
Nikon will continue to provide updates for NX Field to support professional photographers who are active at the forefront of information.