Nikon Z9, will have an articulated display

Nikon Z9, avrà un display articolato thumbnail

Now the arrival of Nikon Z9 is increasingly imminent and today we had the official confirmation. The same company just released a video about a feature of the future Z9. This is a special dual-pivot display articulation.

Nikon, through its social channels, has published a first official Nikon Z9 teaser. We see a photographer taking portraits of a model with different inclinations. What is striking is the use of the display of this awaited full-frame mirrorless camera. Here is the video with the details:

Several images of the future mirrorless flagship had leaked during the Tokyo Olympics, and some keen observers had spotted black tape around the display. In pre-production machines it can happen but it was not yet clear that it was a protection for future innovations.

Nikon Z9, dual articulation display

From the page of the Nikon site where the video comes from we also see a suggestion on future updates; from how the graphics are set up it seems that three more video teasers are on the way.

The awaited Nikon flagship is therefore officially on its way and we can’t wait to keep you updated with the news as more information is revealed.

Maurizio Costa

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