Nintendo: Big N’s best-selling franchises

The house of Kyoto or the Big N, more commonly known as Nintendo, is the home of the best-selling videogame franchises ever that have made entire generations of gamers dream. So let’s see together what they are

When it comes to Nintendo and its best known franchises the eyes of many fans, especially retrogaming, they shine when it comes to historical consoles such as the NES and the SNES without forgetting the quantum leap of three dimensions who have made another leap, but from the chair, to thousands and thousands of gamers. All this despite the presence of other brands, now historical, such as SEGA, PlayStation and Xbox. So let’s see the Ranking!

Nintendo: the ranking of the franchises

We therefore report below what are the best franchises that Nintendo has launched on the market and that, even today, continue to “bewitch” generations after generations of video game enthusiasts.

Nintendo: Big N's best-selling franchises

Of course it was more than logical that the legendary plumber was in absolute first place, but still slightly surprised the positions occupied by Brain Training and Game & Watch.

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