Nintendo Direct September 2021: here is the announcement of Actraiser Renaissance

The Nintendo Direct of September 2021 that took place tonight gave space to the announcement of numerous remakes of the classic 90 ‘games, including that of Actraiser Renaissance

In the midnight between 23 and 24 September, Nintendo’s Direct finally showed us some bombs that still awaited confirmation; however, you feel the lack of games which it was hoped would be present at least this time, such as the coveted Hollow Knight: Silksong. In the list of titles presented during the September direct, many are Nintendo classics, and among them is the announcement of Actraiser Renaissance, a remake by Actraiser.

Actraiser Renaissance and the unexpected announcement at Nintendo Direct in September 2021

Actraiser already received what could be considered his own “Spiritual successor” through SolSeraph, developed by the same team as Zeno Clash in 2019. Here it was possible to assume a role of total omnipotence, becoming the proponent of the prosperity or ruin of one’s faithful; the announcement of Actraiser Renaissance during a Nintendo Direct (let alone in September 2021) was therefore not yet never been proposed. In Actraise Renaissance you will have to lead the people, protect them from invading monsters, create miracles and revive civilization, freeing the regions of the game world from evil through two distinct phases called “Acts”, that is to say “Acts”.

With the trailer released by Square Enix, the announcement of Actraiser Renaissance is accompanied by the epic soundtrack in remastered version, also including the original one. Always present is the 2D graphic feature, renewed for the occasion, as well as the iconic union of side scrolling with mixed combat between platformer and hack ‘n’slash. The insertion of the fasi simulative with the almost isometric peripheral, leading into the god-game and management genre.

If you’ve never played it, then you’ll be glad to know what Actraiser Renaissance is immediately available on PS4, PC, Switch, iOS and Android. For more news from tonight’s Nintendo Direct, take a look at the homepage of our website; finally, go to Instant Gaming to find games at a great price.