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Nital brings Hikvision dash cams for cars to Italy

Nital announces the arrival in Italy of the dashcam per auto on Hikvision, of which it is a partner for distribution in our country. Ultra-compact and intelligent cameras that you can install in your car, to capture everything that happens.

Nital brings Hikvision dash cams to Italy

Nital brings these dash cams to our country through the Hinnovation by Nital business unit, which consolidates a relationship started in the past with the group Hikvision through the brand Ezviz. A leading brand in the world of smart home and smart home protection.

Now this new collaboration brings safety and peace of mind to the automotive world as well, with a range of dash cams that make the most of AI. In fact, investments in Artificial intelligence characterize the Hikvision group, capable of launching many different smart solutions.

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Among the new products come the Hikvision Dashcam C6 Prowhich offers a resolution of 1.600p and 130 degree wide angle. It also has a three-inch IPS screen, GPS support and route and travel speed display, as well as voice recognition.

There are also clever features like “Green light”, “Speed ​​limit recognition” and “Front car start reminder”. Which allow maximum driving safety.

Lorenzo Magnelli, Nital Product Manager Hinnovation, explains: “We are very proud to welcome the new range of Hikvision dash cameras to the Hinnovation by Nital portfolio. This new distribution partnership will allow us to offer an ever broader line of products, designed not only for the protection of one’s home but also to ensure an even safer driving experience in this way ”.

More information on the Nital page.