One Piece: compare Vegapunk? | Jump Highlights

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One Piece continues to amaze, with the revelation of the character of Vegapunk, long awaited for years, and of his island, Egghead. But is it really about him, or her?

Luffy and his crew have left Wano, and are heading to a winter island. At sea they find again Jewelry Bonneya supernova of the worst generation, and, in an attempt to save it, Rufy, Chopper e Jinbe they separate from others.

Once ashore, Bonney explains that the group is in Eggheadthe island where the famous scientist works Vegapunk. Meanwhile, the other Mugiwara are saved by him, indeed by her: aboard a huge mecha, Vegapunk appears as a very young girl, but who speaks like an old man. But the number appears on her suit “02“.

The new chapter of One Piece, as always available on MangaPlus with the official version, keeps the excitement high among readers. After the move of the revolutionaries, and the consequent destruction of Lulus at the hands of what appears to be aAncestral weaponwith the 1061 Oda reveals the appearance of one of the most talked about characters of recent decades. But that infamous number on the suit casts doubt on Vegapunk’s true identity.

One Piece: compare Vegapunk? | Jump Highlights

One Piece is at a turning point

Considering that also the mecha piloted by Vegapunk and the shark attacking the Sunny they have numbers, it is natural to think that the scientist’s body itself is also cybernetic. At this point, it remains to be wondered if the real Vegapunk is piloting it remotely, or if he has transferred his consciousness into it, leaving an old and fragile body.

In any case, Oda had stated long ago that Vegapunk, when he appeared, would reveal important information about Fruits of the Devil. In this chapter, their existence and curse are reminded us, with the Sunny tipping over, and all the fruit crew drowning helplessly, saved only by the non-fruit.

One Piece enters thelast story arc, as Oda has repeatedly announced. There are only a few years left to the end of this epic, and the most important problems are about to come to a head. The community’s reaction to the thought is mixed, but there is no doubt that One Piece continues to amaze every time it is released.