One Piece reveals the new Emperors | Jump Highlights

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Before the one-month hiatus that Oda took to prepare the final arc, the latest chapter of One Piece is full of revelations, including the new Emperors

The news of the defeat of the Emperors Kaido and Big Mom begins to travel around the world. The Five Stars fail to conceal Luffy’s awakened form, who, in the new bounty notice, appears as Nika.

Our captain and his allies Eustass Kidd and Trafalgar Law, each get a bounty of three billion berries. But that’s not all: Luffy is now also considered an Emperor of the seas himself.

Shanks and Teach remain in their position as Emperors, but another new entry joins Luffy to complete the quartet. It is about Buggy, an incredible twist but in full One Piece style. How did the evil clown get that position? Probably, this is the usual series of lucky breaks that has always accompanied the pirate.

With chapter 1053, Eiichiro Oda wants to leave us with many questions to be answered. The reason stated it last week, with an open letter: One Piece will enter break for a monthas we are preparing for the final story arc.

One Piece reveals the new Emperors |  Jump Highlights

The announcement of the arrival of the end of One Piece

Below, the announcement posted by official twitter di One Piece.


A few months ago, my taletented editors told me something: “Oda-san. This year’s summer’s gonna be rough. For the 25th anniversary, there’s also going to be a **** celebration for the film release. In the manga, the Wano Country arc/saga is also finally ending… right? You said you wanted to travel to Africa to supervise the filming of the Neftlix Live-Action, right? This summer we’ve got **** collaborations **** commercials, **** events… to perpare for all this excitement coming up, what do you think of taking a break?”

And I said: “What? Take a break?! Do you have any idea just how much readers always look forward to Jump every single we- YES PLEASE!!
I wanna go to Africa too~!! Also, I want to fix up the structure for the final part of the story so I can tighten it up as soon as possible~. So ba-si-ca-lly…. Sorry. Allow me to indulge in taking a breather and taking time to prepare!!

At the end of my vacation, a raging OP FESTIVAL will begin!! This break isn’t happening immediately by the way. From today, there are two more chapters coming out (Chapters 1052 and 1053). Then, from Shonen Jump issue 30 to issue 33, there will be four breaks! Please allow me some time to breathe!
(The trip to Africa was cancelled because of corona, RIP)
The return will be on Shonen Jump issue 34 (July 25th)!! Then, please look forward to the release of the new Film “RED” on August 6th!! There’s a cool thing happening in this one. The entire movie production staff absolutely loves Uta-chan lol. Goddamn haha. It’s not like the movie is already complete though. Eventually, I’m sure that everyone will feel the same way!! Please enjoy!

During the break, One Piece will still continue to be present in some way in the pages of Jump. Shueisha has indeed announced a full month of lotteries and specials dedicated to the top manga.