One Piece: the real name of Luffy’s fruit | Jump Highlights

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Incredible revelation in chapter 1044 of One Piece, in which we discover that the devil fruit eaten by Luffy is actually a mythological zoan. Shonen Jump’s focus on the new Sakamoto Days

We had left Luffy lifeless at the end of the last chapter, and Kaido free to rage. But now our captain has stood up, awakening his fruit and reaching a new, peculiar form.

The Five Stars have just discovered it: the true nature of the Gom Gom fruit is that of one mythological zoanto be precise a Homo Homo model Nika. Luffy then gains the same powers as the legendary sun god, a creative ability limited only to his own imagination. He can also make the environment around him resilient, as he demonstrates as soon as he resumes the challenge with Kaido.

Luffy gives the name of Gear Fifth to his awakened form, and, just like the god Nika, he can’t stop laughing. We know little about this figure, except that he was a liberating hero whom slaves still pray to today.

Kaido is thrilled to resume the fight. With the unknown given by Luffy’s new bizarre powers, the outcome is currently open.

One Piece: the real name of Luffy's fruit |  Jump Highlights

Not only One Piece: other highlights of Shonen Jump

This week the magazine does not propose new titles. They go strong Jujutsu Kaisen e My Hero Academia: in the latter, Uraraka prepares to stop Himiko Togalie to Todoroki it is the task of facing the renegade brother, Dabi.

The cover is dedicated to Sakamoto Days, a novelty of last year from Jump that is enjoying great success. The manga is essentially a comedy, in which, however, there is no lack of action. And it is in fact to this last component that the focus on MangaPlus is dedicated. Newcomer Yuto Suzuki manages to create scenes of great kinetic impact while maintaining an essential style.

As in the case of Mashle, with Sakamoto Days you are captured by the comic element, only to remain for the excellent combat sequences. As Hajime Komoto’s work is nearing its conclusion, we can probably expect a similar duration for Sakamoto Days as well.