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Ooze: a leak shows the probable new shooter for PS5

A recent leak showed images relating to a probable new shooter coming out on PS5: Ooze. Let’s find out all the details in this news

A new and recent leak has hinted at the release of a new title sci-fi out for the Sony home console and in development right at Sony XDev. The title, according to rumors, should be called Ooze and should be developed with Unreal Engine 5 and obviously it is a game in the early stages of development and implementation and which should be released for PS5.

A leak shows Ooze, the next title for PS5?

Oozeaccording to the video that is circulating on the web in these hours, it would be, as already mentioned, one sci-fi shooter coming to PS5 and probably, the development direction should have been entrusted to People Can Fly. To suggest this latest information is the writing “RED” at the bottom right of the video, wording that People Can Fly uses for its new projects. The video was posted on Twitter and the tweet in question belongs to the SupernovasTV page:

In the video you can first see a character in third person and in the background a alien monster of very large dimensions that is preparing to climb an entire building. Many have noticed the similarity to Gears of War and Outriders. We are, therefore, facing a possible new project for Sony but, considering all the other titles in development, we will almost certainly hear from Ooze starting from 2024 or, being confident, in the late 2023. We will certainly be waiting for further news.

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