OPPO Find X5 Pro immortala l'atmosfera notturna di Disneyland Paris thumbnail

OPPO Find X5 Pro immortalizes the nocturnal atmosphere of Disneyland Paris

OPPO e Disneyland Paris have joined forces to create a campaign dedicated to night photography with the help of OPPO Find X5 Pro. Let’s find out how the smartphone was able to immortalize the magical fireworks of the most famous theme park in the world.

OPPO e Disneyland Paris

Have you always wanted to capture the magical moments that only the night can offer? Have you always had difficulty shooting at night with your smartphone? Does the scene get lost in grainy dark spots, faded lights and colors?

Well, OPPO Find X5 Pro allowed Disneyland Paris guests to capture their best memories. So, almost by magic, blurry or grainy images are just a bad memory.

Disneyland Paris OPPO 1

Find X5 Pro

To freeze the frames in all their splendor you need an advanced smartphone, which is why OPPO has made Find X5 Pro available. !

4K Ultra Night Video

Thanks to the mode 4K Ultra Night Video, Find X5 Pro is capable of capturing unforgettable moments in excellent quality through the 50MP wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras, ensuring maximum color rendering even in low light conditions. OPPO Find X5 Pro is indeed capable of generating 30 or 60 images per second for video recording, and to handle up to 3 billion pixels of information per second. More specifically, let’s talk about ben 18 trillion operations per second.

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