Oppo presenta l'IF Photography Awards 2023: uno dei premi più prestigiosi di fotografia mobile thumbnail

Oppo presents the IF Photography Awards 2023: one of the most prestigious awards in mobile photography

OPPOone of the world’s leading companies in the smart device sector, has officially launched theIF Photography Awards 2023a mobile photography contest that pushes the boundaries of creativity beyond the limits.

If Photography Awards 2023: one of the most prestigious awards in the field of mobile photography

The vision “Beyond the Image, Beyond Imagination” reflects OPPO’s commitment to driving progress towards technological innovation by igniting the creativity of users around the world. OPPO’s professional photographic technology is designed to inspire, and enable, the utmost aesthetics and inspiration, enabling non-professional users to create timeless masterpieces.

L’OPPO Imagine IF Master of the Year (Golden Award) provides a premium of 160.000 CNYparticipation in theHasselblad Image Training Camp and opportunities to participate in international photography exhibitions. There are also 4 silver awards valued at CNY 60,000 e 10 bronze awards worth CNY 20,000 as well as training and visibility opportunities.

In addition, there are four honorable mentions in each of the eight categories, as well as prizes for the Partner Channel Awards eh Monthly Activity Awards to give space to other works of great inspiration.

Prestigious judges of world renown

OPPO has assembled a prestigious judging panel made up of world-renowned photographers who bring diverse perspectives and extensive experience to the competition.

Among the illustrious judges there is Alec Sothone of the most famous contemporary photographic artists and a member of Magnum Photos, Pete Lau, Senior Vice President e Chief Product Officer di OPPOto add his valuable contribution, Tang Huione of the best Chinese portrait photographers and Hasselblad Master.

Also Tina Signesdottir Hultan internationally renowned fine art photographer and Hasselblad Master, will be part of the judging panel with her attention to detail alongside Wang Jianjunprominent landscape photographer and member of the Chinese Photographers Association. Finally, too Yin Chaoa leading Chinese fashion photographer and ambasciatore Hasselbladwill contribute to the selection process thanks to its experience.

Eight categories to explore the different forms of artistic expression

The competition has eight different categories to enter, including The Distant View, Portrait, Night Scenery, Colors, Landscape, The Taste of Memories, Light & Shadow, and Chapters of a Life, created with the aim of inspiring the creativity of OPPO users from all over the world.

Entries for the OPPO Imagine IF Photography Awards 2023 will remain open until 02:00 CET on July 25, 2023 and can be done through the OPPO Imagine IF official website or partner channels-500px.