Ori: the guys from Moon Studios open to cross-platform “without Xbox”

The adorable face of indies on Xbox goes cross-platform: Moon Studios will publish the next chapters of Ori on all consoles

After the arrival on the Nintendo Switch both of Ori and the Blind Forest that of the sequel, it was only a matter of time before the approach of Moon Studios completely switch to format multiplatform. The publisher of the next title will in fact be Private Division, and the CEO Thomas mahler (director of the first two games) explained the reason for this choice. Xbox boss, ever-jovial Phil Spencer, said keeping control of Bungie as a first-party studio would be possible, but on ResetEra Mahler denied that claim.

Golds and treasures everywhere, thanks to Moon Studios’ cross-platform approach

In fact, the administrator of Moon Studios asserts that, just like Bungie, even the authors of Ori would like the next chapter of their creation to be usable as a multi-platform and that if Xbox had control of both the team and the IP this would not be possible. What Thomas Mahler says also sheds a new light on the choice to bring that game to a new console, while criticizing the sensationalism of “console wars” fans.

Ori: the guys from Moon Studios open to cross-platform

“I understand Bungie, that’s also why I wanted to go with Private Division and not with Microsoft. You don’t know how many tell us they love Ori but hate not being able to play him on PlayStation, and the reason is that Microsoft funded him. They only allowed us to bring it to Switch because it’s a small enough game to prevent media outages. We want everyone to be able to play their neighbors as ambitious as they are, in such a way as to bring our vision everywhere without having to tell anyone ‘it’s bad luck, because that’s how business is’. Players are not interested in business, they just want to play and be happy and the walls are only liked by fanatics who want to see someone lose and others win. “

The exclusivity of “this strain”

Finally, Mahler wanted criticize exclusivity as a business model.

“I just wish Microsoft had the guts to follow their vision. Bringing their games to all platforms, leaving no one behind. The 13-year-old whose parents can afford to have only one console for their child won’t be able to grow up with Halo now because Microsoft thinks it makes more sense to leave PlayStation players out. How can this benefit anyone who is not part of Microsoft? Sure, it’ll sell more Xboxes too, but at the expense of millions of potential new fans. “

Moon Studios is now working on a action role-playing game for current consoles. The details are hiding for now, but the muses that inspire the new project seem to be The Legend of Zelda, Diablo and Dark Souls, among others. We’ll see.

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