I 3 pilatri di Panasonic al CES 2023: TV, fotocamere e beauty thumbnail

Panasonic’s 3 pillars at CES 2023: TVs, cameras and beauty

LAS VEGAS – Last year the booth of Panasonic it was empty, deserted. A distant memory seen at CES 2023 the company is back in strength, ready to face the market, the press and the years to come. How? With three particularly interesting products, great attention to sustainability and all the flexibility of a company that has never focused on a single product category.

The 3 pillars of Panasonic at CES 2023

Claudio Lamperti Panasonic

To welcome us at the “private” stand of the Japanese company is Claudio Lamperti, Chief Sales Office Panasonic Consumer Europe. Lamperti has no doubts: the company will focus on 3 products in 2023, all presented in Las Vegas and all the result of the tireless work of Panasonic engineers and technicians.
The first – perhaps the most intuitive – is theMZ2000.
The acronym already says it all to the more experienced, for others it is almost an enigma. In fact, the nomenclature is not sexy, it is not easily remembered, it is not original, but it contains everything: MZ is the new generation of Panasonic OLED TVs, 2000 identifies the top of the range. In short, we are facing the new smart TV of the Asian giant: OLED panel, brightness just under 1500 nits, the inevitable Filmmaker Mode, great color accuracy and even new gaming features to satisfy both console owners and PC lovers . Panasonic MZ200, seen live, is splendid.
Claudio Lamperti calls it “the best TV in the world“, and we can somewhat understand the reasons.

At CES, however, there is also room for photography, with the new one Panasonic Lumix S5 II which seems ready to conquer the market. In fact, the new full frame comes with a new 24.4 megapixel CMOS sensor, with double native ISO and 14 stops of dynamic range with V-Log and V-Gamut profiles. What makes the difference, however, is the technology on board. For example, Intelligent Detail Processing improves the sharpness of shots while artificial intelligence, combined with the most popular autofocus systems, allows you to recognize subjects and track them when they move, when you move and even while zooming.
Panasonic has also worked hard on stabilization with the aim of ensuring stable footage even handheld and with wider camera movements.
On paper it really looks like a bomb and thanks to Lamperti’s enthusiasm, we can’t wait to try it.

Panasonic CES 2023 Lumix S5 II

The last product is perhaps the one that is a little less obvious. In fact, we enter the world of beauty with Multishape. It’s not a new product – we already saw it last year -, but it’s turning into one of Panasonic’s strong points.
It’s about a modular system for personal care. Translated into a nutshell, you have a single body and a single power supply that animate different headsfrom the traditional razor to the toothbrush passing through beard trimmers, hair clippers and much more.
What are the benefits? Primarily reduce cables and appliances in the house, freeing up space and reducing consumption and waste; secondly it becomes everything simpler and more portablealso helping those who travel a lot.

Panasonic CES 2023 Multishape

Sustainability at the center

Claudio Lamperti painted us a company that grows, that evolves, that has what it takes to challenge the competition and, above all, that diversifies. And this has been one of his strengths since the very beginning. It may seem trivial but focusing on a single product means ending up at the mercy of the market and risking a clear defeat in the face of competitors; the Japanese giant has instead divided its forces, which allows for balance the sectors in crisis with those in growth, adapting over time and in any case gaining important market shares.

All this without losing sight of sustainability. That’s why at CES 2023 the company announced GREEN IMPACT, the initiative with which it aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 2030 to achieve carbon neutrality. A goal that will require the use of renewable energies, including solar and hydrogen.

During the Las Vegas fair, the Japanese company also announced the first sustainability challenge in collaboration with One Tree Planted. How does it work? Panasonic will plant a tree for every person who uses the hashtag #PlantItForward to tell about one’s good intentions in terms of sustainability or to share the company’s commitment. All you have to do is play your small but very useful part in this battle for the environment.