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PhEST: kicks off in Puglia at the International Photography and Art Festival

Begun on 9 September, the seventh edition of PhEST – International festival of photography and art will continue to Monopolyin Puglia, until November 1, 2022. The event, whose theme this year is “FUTURE”provides three artistic residencies for numerous international artists who will stay in the Apulian region for a month.

Among the confirmed names we find: Nick Brandt, Yelena Yemchuk, Christian Jankowski, Alexander Gronsky, Davide Monteleone, Cooper & Gorfer, Erik Kessels & Thomas Mailaender, Bil Zelman, Arko Datto, Salvatore Vitale, Işık Kaya and Thomas Georg Blank, Frederik Heyman, Emanuela Colombo and Michela Benaglia, Marcel Top, Quinn Russell Brown, Cristal Reza, Manuela Schirra and Fabrizio Giraldi, Zhang Chuang, Max Magaldi, Francesco Tosini, Noeltan Arts, Collective no: topia, Sano / sano, Julia Krahn, Tommaso Rada, Lisetta Carmi.

The 3 artistic residences are instead:

  • Matteo Balsamini – Under This Sun – on the Future in Puglia
  • Alessandro Cracolici – PhACES – Generative Art Project
  • Piero Percoco + Sam Youkilis – Live From Monopoli!

FUTURE: the theme of the initiative

PhEST, for almost two months, will bring to Monopoli the best of photography and art from all over the world to deepen the theme of the year: “FUTURE”. The event is directed by Giovanni Troiloin collaboration with the curator Arianna Rinaldo e la project manager Cinzia Negherbon. The festival will host the works of some of the most popular artists of different nationalities: Holland, England, USA, India, Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, and others.

“We will try to decline the theme in every possible way not only from the point of view of the contents with 32 exhibitions dedicated to the Future, but this year more than ever also from the point of view of form with the use of ledwall, VR, photogrammetry, artificial intelligence, robots, immersive projections, augmented reality, facial recognition… »underline the organizers of the festival in the press release.

PhEST: 32 exhibitions scheduled in Monopoli (Puglia)

Thirty-two exhibitions planned for this seventh edition are divided between Palazzo Palmieri, which has always been the beating heart of the Festival, which will host 16, Casa Santa which will host four, the church of SS. Pietro e Paolo with two exhibitions enriched by an interactive “game” for the public to “eliminate the useless and superfluous images that surround us”, the Charles V Castle and the Church of San Salvatore with an exhibition each and then eight other works and artists outside between Porto Vecchio, Ancient Wall of Portavecchia, Portavecchia seafront, Santa Maria seafront, Molo Margherita, the new lawn next to the skate park area, Piazzetta Santa Maria, via Garibaldi and via Comes.

For the complete program and the purchase of tickets, please refer to the official website of the initiative.