Photography: Christmas gift ideas for enthusiasts

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Christmas and the Christmas holidays are coming and so it’s time to choose which gifts to give to the people dear to us. Let’s find out together the gift ideas for photography enthusiasts

Christmas is coming and so it’s time to choose gifts for the people dear to us, not always an easy task! If we have gifts to give for photography professionals or enthusiasts, it’s a simpler undertaking, because you can go and choose from the many photographic products while remaining within the budgets that we have set ourselves.

So here are some Christmas gift ideas for photographers or photography enthusiastswhich can help us choose among the many products that exist and which above all stay within a low price budget.

Photography: Christmas gift ideas for enthusiasts

1. Instant camera and Fujifilm Instax products

Whether it’s a Polaroid, a Fujifilm, a Kodak or a Lomography, the instant camera is always a nice gift to receive. In a world immersed in digital, an instant camera offers the possibility of taking the photograph and printing it at the moment, being able to keep it as a souvenir or perhaps give it as a gift. Instant products are many to choose from, but surely a brand that guarantees quality and enjoyment is Fujifilm. Thanks to the range of Instax products, Fujifilm offers both instant cameras and Bluetooth printers that connected to your smartphone can print at the moment in “polaroid” format.

Photography: Christmas gift ideas for enthusiasts

Instax products are ideas to keep an eye on for Christmas in photography, because they are varied, they offer from mini to wide to square format with fully analogue or digital hybrid machines with the possibility of previewing the photo on the screen.

2. Analog cameras

The analog camera is a very appropriate gift for both photography enthusiasts and professional photographers who own many digital cameras and want to experiment with their creativity with an analog product.

Many different solutions can be found in the Lomography brand, specializing in analog cameras with very attractive graphics and very intuitive to use. You can find sizes, materials and colors of all types as well as different focal lengths, even arriving at cameras that have only fisheye or only macro lenses and which offer a lot of shooting fun.

A real gem is the Modelo Konstruktorwhich proposes an analog camera to be built, with all the pieces and instructions, to arrive at the result of an automatic, lightweight, intuitive and fully functional product.

3. Analog or instant film

Still on the subject of analog photography, let’s enter the world of film, both analog and instant cartridges to load your instant camera.

This is a great gift for someone who already owns a car, which could also be one of the ones already mentioned in this article. As for instant cameras, there are many films that offer a lot of creativity, such as the Fujifilm Instax Black and White or Black Border format or the creative macaron format for Instax Mini cameras.

Photography: Christmas gift ideas for enthusiasts

As for analog cameras, you can throw yourself into the world of film, black and white, color, ASA of different types, perfect for experimenting. And for this, we recommend the Ilford brand, born for analogue photography, with a huge choice of black and white films and also photographic paper for developing.

4. Underwater cameras for kids

To start transitioning to the digital world, but always staying on a budget, a great idea for the little ones are the cameras specially designed for them. It’s true that we now live in a world where smartphones reign supreme, but the charm of owning a real camera never goes out of style.

Photography: Christmas gift ideas for enthusiasts

In this area, excellent products come from Nikon, in particular the COOLPIX W150, a simple, intuitive and above all waterproof camera up to 10 meters, which therefore allows fantastic underwater shots.

5. Spotlights and LED light

For those who already shoot or make videos, perhaps with the aim of creating online content, spotlights, LED lights and light rings are always useful, which are very popular lately for videos on Tik Tok.

Photography: Christmas gift ideas for enthusiasts

Without spending the large sums of professional photographers, you can find led lights of many types and brands. The funniest part of these spotlights is the creativity they offer, with dimmable light and colored jellies or incorporated inside or with the possibility of interchangeable.

Among these Christmas photography ideas, we can recommend the SmallRig RM120 LED lamp that we reviewed this year and which can be very convenient for both photos and videos.