Pokémon Unite: Resolves the tragedy that befell Gengar

Gengar can also smile again: the terror of the Pokémon Unite metagame returns, after days in the company of a truly unfortunate bug

If you are used to the usual gaps of Pokémon Unite, tremble: you will return to find yourselves Gengar between the boxes (or Poké Balls, you name it). The Shadow Pokémon has long been a real bane for players, due to a combo so poorly balanced that it requires a timely nerf. But since the cat (or the Persian) hurriedly makes blind kittens, the overzealousness of Tencent and the TiMi development team went a little further and for days the attack Hex of Gengar (or Disgrace, when and if the game will be translated into our local language) seemed to no longer want to know about inflicting damage … until this morning, at least.

Pokémon Unite: what problems Hex did you have, Gengar?

As the Nintendian tradition dictates, there is no mystery patch on whatever related notes and the last update of Pokémon Unite was no exception: it was the fans who had to roll up their sleeves and now we know that Gengar, in theory, is been nerfed properly. In practice, however, the more modest attacks tended to run into a slightly obnoxious bug that brought the most ridiculous shadow in the gaming world to shoot blanks for days. Other players, however, fared worse. Some attacks in the game have cooldowns, but Hex can end up with a blocked timer. Ironic, for an attack that literally alludes to a misfortune.

Evidently, the vague allusions to the bug by the TiMi development team were actually a sign of a race for cover. fast and timely. Upgrading the move to level 13 was the only way fans could get around it for days until this morning; we will find out over the weekend how stable the new version is… and how stable the health of those who have to deal with it will remain, of course!

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