Reading aloud: the benefits for children 0-3 years old

In the last article we talked about the importance of reading, this time we will talk specifically about reading aloud. Reading aloud to our children brings benefits that are not at all obvious, but let’s see specifically all the benefits we can derive

We have previously explained the importance of reading in children but I would dwell a little more on what it really means to read ad high voice to the children. Although the enormous benefits of reading aloud are now a fact, many parents reject or do not consider this practice essential. In particular, from a study of the project Born per to read of 2006, it appears that only the 20% of parents have an aptitude for reading aloud.

Because it is important? | Reading aloud: the benefits for children 0-3 years old

Reading aloud is good for the brain and for the development of its potential, it favors it cognitive development and that of language verbal. Specifically, with regard to cognitive development, it was found that the ability to pay attention, to listen, the habit of slow times and creativity are factors influenced and correlated to the experiences of reading aloud. As regards verbal language, however, a greater effect on the receptive component was highlighted. This results in already significant preschool language skill and, consequently, easier academic success.

It has also been shown that starting this practice leads children to appreciate reading which is the essence of identity itself. Reading can in fact change our way of thinking and being.

Secure attachment | Reading aloud: the benefits for children 0-3 years old

Reading aloud helps build and develop a child attachment sure. But what is attachment? I’ll explain it to you, trying to be as comprehensive but brief as possible: attachment is the type of bond that is created between the child and the reference figure who, most of the time, matches that of the mother.

He was the first to speak of attachment theory John Bowlby, psychologist and psychoanalyst. He demonstrated how the harmonious development of a person depends on the type of relationship, and therefore of attachment, with the mother figure (or its substitute). He believed that secure attachment developed the moment the child felt protection, safety e affection on the part of the attachment figure. Otherwise, an insecure type of attachment would develop. Subsequently, various types were identified through an experiment but what interests us is precisely this: the basic concept safety.

Reading aloud: the benefits for children 0-3 years old

Parent-child relationship

In the first months of the baby’s life we ​​will have to deal with a non-autonomous listener. What does it mean? Very young children are curious about new things but they cannot by themselves. The parent, through his voice, creates an emotion in the small. Although he does not understand the meaning of the words, he will concentrate on the tone, on the musicality. That’s why books for very young children have rhymes and sounds.

Reading becomes a moment of cuddles e sweetnesses and allows the reference figure to experiment with various communication approaches. It allows you to find a common place and language and to enrich the relationship. That is, it allows you to develop a secure type of attachment. The child will not doubt the presence of the mother and will be sure of her and of himself.

Here we are at the end of this article. I hope I have been exhaustive enough, being a sensitive subject. Did you understand a little more why reading aloud to our little ones is so important? Never stop doing it, even for you. See you next time!