Review Stellar Repair for Exchange: recuperare email da Exchange Database

In this article we will go to deepen the functioning of the Stellar Repair for Exchange program, designed to be able to recover the email data contained in a corrupt Exchange Database file. Let’s see the details!

The idea behind Stellar Repair for Exchange is to be able to recover Exchange Database files that are corrupted or damaged for some reason. Exchange Server is a corporate email platform provided by Microsoft that is used within companies or large organizations to bring all employees together under a single email domain. Each user can not only send and receive emails from his company address, but also manage the calendar, contacts and collaborations. It is therefore a very useful tool for improving productivity, but at the same time contains a lot of sensitive and important data that cannot be lost.

Although Exchange Server offers several protection tools such as the ability to run in a distributed manner on a server cluster and is generally very reliable, it can happen that the database where the information is stored is damaged. The reasons for data loss can be many: Server failures, storage system failures, operating system failures, but also Exchange Server crashes, power loss, or a malware attack. Loss of data in the Exchange Database (EDB) file is very dangerous because it not only results in the loss of important information, but can block the entire corporate email system until it is recovered. A huge damage to a company. Fortunately, Stellar Repair for Exchange can help!

Recensione Stellar Repair for Exchange: recuperare email da Exchange Database

Stellar Repair for Exchange review: requirements and installation

The software is simple to install and the requirements allow it to be used on any modern PC. In fact, a Intel processor or x86 / x64 compatibles (therefore also AMD), operating system Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008, a RAM memory of at least 4 GB even if 8 GB are recommended and finally 250 MB of free space on the hard drive. Stellar Repair for Exchange allows you to recover EDB files from Exchange Server versions 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, and 5.5. So even if your system isn’t brand new, you would still be able to get everything working.

The installation is really trivial: from the official website yes download the .exe file which starts the installation procedure. We will only have to select our preferences such as language and installation path, accept the license. In short, normal administration. Within minutes you can try Stellar Repair for Exchange on your EDB files.

Stellar Repair for Exchange review: graphical interface and usability

The graphical interface is a bit simple, but well done. In many respects it is very reminiscent of the design of Microsoft PC applications such as Outlook. At the top we find the tabs with the various actions that can be performed and immediately below we have the toolbar for the selected tab. On the left we find a window that contains a sort of file explorer that will allow us to search for the files that interest us quickly thanks to the tree representations. The main window instead will allow you to preview the recovered contents. In fact the software it is very simple and intuitive to use, certainly within the reach of even the less experienced. Let’s see how it works right away.

Recensione Stellar Repair for Exchange: recuperare email da Exchange Database

Stellar Repair for Exchange Review: How to Recover an EDB File

Using Stellar Repair for Exchange to restore damaged EDB files is really trivial. This tool is really powerful because it allows you to recover not only emails but any lost content including attachments, contacts, calendars and tasks. First of all we need to search for the EDB file to be repaired. Upon startup, a dialog box is immediately opened to select the desired file. Just click on “Browse” to search for it with the Explorer. Once you have found the file you want to use, you have to open it. At this point, the scan must take place which includes two modes: quick scan which is faster and works in most cases instead of the deep scan to be used when the fast one fails because it is slower, but more powerful. The scan time is clearly also related to the file size.

Once the scan is finished, Stellar Repair for Exchange will show a preview of the recovered data, very useful feature! Through the navigation tree on the left you can in fact easily access all the repaired contents, displaying a sort of message inbox in the center and a preview of the selected content on the right. Stellar Repair for Exchange also provides quick search options to quickly find emails and media files.

Recensione Stellar Repair for Exchange: recuperare email da Exchange Database

Once the recovered contents have been viewed, you can switch toexport of results. This functionality is blocked in the free version of the program. You can export the results to a Live Exchange file or to Office 365 or other formats such as PST, MSG, EML, RTF, PDF and HTML. To save the new file, simply click on “Save as” and select the desired format. Apart from this however, there is also the possibility of map the information retrieved directly into Office 365 to integrate them with what is already present. To do this it is obviously necessary to enter the data of your Outlook account. Subsequently, after the “Save as” window, the “Map” window will open to manage the mapping of the material retrieved on your server. Part of the contents are automatically mapped, but the user can always map them manually in case of errors or when the software is not able to associate the contents to an email address on the server. At the end of the process the data is saved.

Recensione Stellar Repair for Exchange: recuperare email da Exchange Database


Stellar Repair for Exchange software has been designed to recover corrupt EDB files and works very well in the presence of the most common causes of malfunction. The program is really trivial to use and immediate. There are several versions for the license:

  • Corporate (399 euro i.i.)
    • 1 year license
    • Repair corrupt EDB files and recover emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes
    • Repair up to 100 mailboxes
    • Export recovered mailboxes and public folders to Live Exchange, Office 365 or PST
    • Save the repaired EDB file in PST, EML, MSG, RTF, HTML and PDF file formats
  • Technician (599 euro i.i.)
    • All the previous features
    • Support for multiple unlimited user licenses
    • The ability to repair unlimited mailboxes
  • Toolkit (999 euro i.i)
    • All the previous features
    • The capabilities to repair unlimited mailboxes
    • Includes Mailbox Extractor, OST to PST Converter, Exchange Backup Extractor and Password Recovery
    • Extract offline mailboxes from corrupt Exchange backup files
    • Convert EDB files to PST format
    • Reset lost Windows Server password

The prices are therefore quite high, however the ability to preview the recovery result, without purchasing anything it is certainly important. You can then evaluate whether it is worth spending the license money or not. Of course, in many cases in a business environment it is a reasonable investment to recover maybe months of correspondence essential to continue the production activity. So we feel like Stellar Repair for Exchange is a great software in its field!

Points in favor

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Many formats for export
  • Automatic mapping function