Recensione Il volo dell'effimera: una boccata d'aria

Review The flight of the mayfly: a breath of fresh air

The flight of the mayfly is the second novel by Naila Carlisi, published by Ali Ribelli Edizioni. In this review, we’ll find out more about this little compendium that reminds us to love humanly

TITLE: The flight of the mayfly. AUTHOR: Naila Carlisi. TYPE: Fiction, Romance. PUBLISHING HOUSE: Rebel Wings Editions.
PUBLICATION YEAR: 2021. AVAILABLE FORMATS: Paper and ePub (on the official website).

The flight of the mayfly is a book by Naila Carlisi, a romantic fiction novel published by the independent publishing house Ali Ribelli. This short novel, which may perhaps go unnoticed by many, hides a pleasant story that deserves to be known to most.

The flight of the mayfly: plot

The story sees you as the protagonist Adeleart critic from Catania with one conviction: she will not bind May to anyone so much as to decide to get married. However, her conviction falters at the moment in which Alberto, manager of a chalet near Bolzano with which he entertains a frequentation, makes her a proposal that could upset her existence; everything will then be accentuated by the request of Adele’s boss to write an article on family dynamics, a topic on which the protagonist is fasting and which will force her to get involved. The drafting of the text – the leitmotif of the narrative – will lead Adele to delve into the everyday life of the people closest to her to understand how a family worksand this will inevitably force her to question herself and do an introspective analysis.

Review The flight of the mayfly: a breath of fresh air

A pleasant read, despite some stumbles

Il Volo dell’Effimera is a novel which, at a strictly technical level, can present some ups and downs: at the beginning of the reading, in fact, the sensation one may have is that the presentation of the characters is too two dimensionalwith the protagonist who takes on a three-dimensionality only after a third of the book and some characters whose analysis always remains very superficial. This can probably be due to the small size of the book, which does not go hand in hand with a slow description; since it is a novel in which the people around the protagonist are the fulcrum of the common thread, perhaps some more information about them would have been interesting.

At the same time, the quality of the author’s writing: Naila Carlisi knows her stuff, is perfectly aware of the most suitable words to use to describe a scene and has the wonderful gift of empathetic writingto; there will be moments in which reading will cause you anxiety, joy or nostalgia, and this thanks to the atmospheres that are perfectly evoked by the choice meticulous vocabulary and writing style sliding and never heavy; to be appreciated are above all the background moments related to Adele, in which she will seem to be in her company at that precise moment. While reading, sometimes the narration led to almost happenings far-fetched, but in general the book achieves the goal that seems to push the author in writing: to talk about how love is as human as the people who live it. In short, The flight of the mayfly is a book that is read and which arouses a relationship between the reader and the characters, despite the possible presence of imperfections (but which book doesn’t have them?)

The flight of the mayfly: who is Naila Carlisi

Person of many facets, Naila Carlisi is not new to the world of publishing. The author has in fact already published short stories enclosed in anthologies and this is her second novel. But writing is not Naila Carlisi’s only passion, who is also an actress, voice actress, and she has experience as an audiobook narrator; in short, a person who loves to express himself in all possible ways!

The flight of the mayfly: a pleasant discovery

The flight of the mayfly is defyable as a breath of air, which touches on more or less heavy topics, but always with such an elegance that you can’t help but ask yourself about Adele every time you have to get away from reading. This book is almost like a compendium of emotional growthas it feels like to mature romantically together with Adele. Indeed, the flight of the ephemeral reminds us that love is imperfectly human, but precisely for this reason it is wonderful, as it is an opportunity for two people to build something, put the pieces together and move forward. Together. However, the growth we develop in a relationship is inevitably the result of one inner maturation: if we keep in mind that we are not our past, but that we can make the wounds of it tools for improvement, we will be able to free ourselves from the chains that oppress us and find a corner of serenity in a life that often makes us anxious and rush.

Adele had never suffered the lack of Alberto, because their hearts had never been apart.

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Plus points

  • Evocative writing
  • Excellent choice of words
  • Captivating storyline

Points against

  • Underdeveloped characters