Review Your life will be wonderful: an exciting book

An illustrated album of disarming sweetness, written for young and old. A perfect gift to accompany the nights of new mothers and beyond. Here is the review of Your life will be wonderful

TITLE: Your life will be wonderful AUTHOR: Emily Winfield Martin GENRE: Illustrated book HOME EDITOR: Ape Junior YEAR FROM PUBLICATION: 2016

The author, through images and words, shows us a dialogue between parents and their child in total transparency, celebrating the innumerable possibilities of a new life.

The plot | Review Your life will be wonderful: an exciting book

It is the story, never more truthful, of a parent who tells the infinite possibilities that the child can have in life, celebrating the dreams, l’love and the joy towards your child. A gentle, tender and confident goodnight.

I am there | Review Your life will be wonderful: an exciting book

Emily Winfield Martin accompanies us in a dream, moving us and enclosing in a few pages what is the message of a parent for their child: I am there and I will be there.

In the increasingly hectic life we ​​live it is difficult to stop and talk but the author shows us how essential it is to do so. To create a secure base, children need to feel the support and support of their bonds, although it is complicated in everyday life.

There are times when mom or dad just can’t understand and get carried away by the fatigue of the day, work and tiredness. They get angry because the little ones do not listen, they do not seem to want to collaborate and it is much more hasty to close everything with a “you don’t listen”And a resounding punishment. However, a parent who repeats such a phrase does not help the child understand because did not understand.

Emotionally approaching your little one is basic, attuning to them, their feelings and emotions, their behaviors and their reactions will help both of us to understand more.

This book is for this: to stop, reflect and speak. Describe everything we want for them, everything their life will be, always emphasizing the presence of the parental figure.

Tales | Review Your life will be wonderful: an exciting book

“When I look at you and you look at me, I think about what you will be, about the things you will do …”

Parents are able to identify with the reading, in the stories that the protagonist tells, since real and true. We read of the love felt from the first glance for that very tender being, of the challenges that he will have to face, of the experiences, of the pain but also of the dreams and of how he will have to cultivate them. He must be curious, kind, loving because love multiplies and pain divides. The wonders of the world that he will one day discover are illustrated, and he is shouted at being whoever he wants.

“Then I will look at you and you will look at me and I will love you for what you will be.”

This register allows parents to tell their children that they will be by their side, non it matters how, where and when, always trying to support them. Because? Because this is what a parent does, because a child must always be sure that whatever choice they make, the parent will always be there, loving him for what he will be!

There is no more beautiful dedication. In a world dulled by hatred of those who are different or simply do not conform to our ideas or expectations, this book teaches us to love without any hesitation because life is wonderful.

Emily Winfield Martin

Emily Winfield Martin is an American author / illustrator. He lives in Portland, Oregon. He says of himself:

“My sources of inspiration are myths and legends, music, movies, nature. I work in a small studio full of life stories and treasures, among the giant fir trees of Portland, Oregon. I believe there are sea monsters ”.

Review Your life will be wonderful: an exciting book

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  • Delicate
  • Tender
  • Exciting
  • Real
  • Educational