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Samsung releases an update for the Galaxy S23 camera

Samsung has released a update to improve camera performance for the Galaxy S23 series, which includes Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, e Galaxy S23 Ultra. Which already take excellent photographs: but with the new update they solve some problems and improve performance.

Samsung, update for the Galaxy S23 camera

A post on the Samsung Community Forum provided detailed information on which aspects of the Galaxy S23’s camera have been improved. These improvements were released as part of the second March 202 software update3, with the firmware version S91xNKSU1AWC8 and a huge file size of approx 922,88 MB. For the moment they arrive in South Korea, but soon we should also see them in Italy.

The camera update for the Galaxy S23 range has improved speed and image quality in various modes. The company has improved the speed and accuracy of autofocus, along with the speed of the Camera and Gallery apps. It also improves ultrawide camera sharpness in low-light conditions, fixed banding issues, and improved OIS performance. Also, it fixed the blur in some camera modes.

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New to the app

Also, the Gallery app has been improved so that you can immediately delete the newly captured photos that are in the process of processing. The autofocus algorithm has been changed, allowing the camera to take a picture when the shutter button is pressed. However, you can change the behavior from the Camera Assistant app, setting priority to focus.

The update also improved sharpness and reduced flicker when recording video with the ultrawide camera. Even in low light conditions, using the mode Super Steady.

Several problems solved. Like the green line that sometimes appeared on the left side of the rear camera in photo mode. Or improved video stabilization when the resolution is set to Full HD 60 fps. And much more.

All innovations that make these excellent smartphone cameras even more performing.