Fotografie da paura: smartphone o fotocamera? Quale scegliere? thumbnail

Scary photographs: smartphone or camera? Which one to choose?

Spring perfect photographs is everyone’s dream. The need rises, pecie in these holidays, they would like to refine the techniques and find a way to take home scary shots. Surely skill and dexterity they do most of the work, but also have the right tools it helps, indeed it is essential. Many wonder whether it is still worth investing in a camera today, or whether to continue with the smartphone. There are many factors to consider.

How to get good quality photographs

Obviously with this article we address an audience that does not make professional use of photographs. If you are a beginner, enthusiast or just curious, we are talking to you. Getting good quality images takes patience, attention and observation, but it’s not difficult. Almost all smartphones now have a good camera. It depends on how much you want to commit and spend to get beautiful photographs. Another factor to consider: what result do you want to achieve? What photographs do you like to take? Passion must be the basis, the hobby of photography requires commitment and also a certain economic investment, but it gives a lot of satisfaction.

Good photographs and zero flaps

If you like taking pictures but you are not particularly passionate, or you don’t want to spend money or struggle to understand a reflex, no problem. You just need one smartphone with a good camera, both in terms of megapixels and brightness. Phones usually also have a stabilized sensor that helps you shoot more accurately. Indicatively, let’s say that in the Olympus of smartphones with a good camera we can put: l‘iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra e OnePlus 9 Pro. It also depends a lot on the type of photographs you like to take.

For example, if you want to take special shots on vacation you can equip yourself with tools such as lenses and lenses that allow you to have much more zoom e therefore to capture distant details without losing quality. These are small and fun tools to experiment, if used well they give satisfaction. For underwater shots, on the other hand, you can opt for one waterproof case.

If, on the other hand, you are more of a selfie, then for brighter and sharper photographs, you may need one mini ring light to be applied to the smartphone, also useful for increasing the light in night shots, the weak point of smartphones.

Shooting with your smartphone is the most convenient way, you don’t have to carry any bulky devices with you, spend extra money, transfer images, etc. If you are the kind of people who are satisfied and who have no particular demands, then go on like this.

Camera for those who want to approach photography


If you want to try to make the leap and approach a camera, but you are inexperienced, you have two ways: buy a reflex or a mirroless and take a little photography course; or take a camera to use in automatic mode. Rightly, not everyone has the time, desire and money to approach photography seriously and therefore take a course and buy expensive tools. Thinking of a good-quality, easy-to-use camera is a good middle ground. Let’s see both options.

Simple to use camera

It is possible to find cameras with zoom, sensors of a good level even without spending a fortune. There are compact models that are really practical to carry with you and to hold. Many cameras have several automatic modes that can understand the environment you are shooting in and adapt accordingly, automatically. There are for every price range, we advise you to keep an eye on the discounts, we report the best deals on our Telegram channel. Very convenient in our opinion Sony discounted by 40%, with 18.2 MP Exmor R CMOS Sensor, 24-720 mm Zeiss Optics, 30x Optical Zoom.

A more professional approach

A step forward we find the reflex e le mirrorless entry level. If you are not very experienced, it is not worth taking particularly complex and expensive machines, because they are difficult to use and you would not exploit their full potential. What we recommend is to take one basic machine and evaluate the purchase of lenses spare to experiment a little. Depending on the lens you choose, you will have different brightness and portions of space in your photo. For the beginners of the all-round lenses as the basic 18-55 mm or 18-200 mm are perfect, they allow you to have fun and experiment with different types of photographs. Another trick to save on SLRs: evaluate used as new or refurbished products.

To make the most of products such as SLRs or mirroless, it is good to inquire and educate yourself a little. There are photography manuals which explain well how to adjust the parameters to achieve the desired result. The online courses are also very useful, on Udemy, find really cheap (10/20 euros) that explain how the mechanisms of the cameras work through recorded video lessons, which you can follow at any time, without obligation. Yes, because reflex and mirrorless cameras undoubtedly offer superior quality, compared to the previous ones, but it also requires some effort, the parameters must be adjusted, commitment is needed. For use in automatic mode it is a bit of a waste.

GoPRo e Action Cam

If you have specific types of photos in mind, such as underwater photographs, or you want something to take with you during excursions and adrenaline sports, then traditional cameras are not ideal. With the cameras we talked about earlier they can be a clutter during activities like climbing, climbing or diving. Furthermore, to get a good shot it is important that the camera has enough stability and time, that is: you have to stay still. For shoot and record high quality video in situations where your focus is elsewhere, such as playing sports, exploring, enjoying the seabed, then you have to use action cam e GoPro. These are small, waterproof and resistant chambers that are perfect for both holding and fixing, which capture your adventures in high quality. They find something for all budgets. We advise you to watch Fjona’s video in which he talks about some GoPro models.

Polaroid, snapshots and mini photo printers

Then there are snapshot lovers. Small pieces of glossy paper that come out of the camera and gradually reveal the imprinted image. Snapshots are definitely making a comeback. There are many brands that produce this type of camera, a little at any price. There are Instax, Polaroids, Kodak, and so on. We warn you: these cameras do not offer high quality images, but they are perfect for having memories to hang on the wall. Choose only if you like the type of photos you can get and remember that on average the cost of an instant photograph is 2 euros, you cannot take hundreds a day (that is, yes you can but it costs you). An increasingly popular alternative is the portable mini printers that can print the shots of any device, even smartphones.

Taking pictures has become quite common with the arrival of cell phones. Once upon a time, you carried your analogue camera with you and shot sparingly so as not to waste the film. With the advent of digital everything has changed, it is easier to shoot, less expensive and also the image quality has definitely improved. Are you more of a camera or a smartphone?