Shin Megami Tensei V News Volume 4: il trailer del DLC gratuito

In Volume 4 of Shin Megami Tensei V News, we were shown a trailer with what will be the DLC included at the launch of the game

Waiting for Shin Megami Tensei V, Atlus releases new information on free DLCs with Volume 4 of the News dedicated to the chapter. This Volume will be the last one before the arrival of the title, but this does not mean that the information given is less important than in the previous Volumes. In addition, a new trailer for the game will be shown next week.

Shin Megami Tensei V News Volume 4: what we will find in the free DLC

In the DLC, missions will be available that will lead to the recruitment of new demons:

  • “Return of the True Demon”: Sophia will give the Nahobino a menorah inside the Shadow World. The protagonist will then have to face terrible enemies that will appear in front of him. When these Demons are defeated, they will be unlocked for fusion. In addition, it will also be possible to face the demi-fiend, protagonist of Nocturne.
  • “A Goddess in Training”: the goddess Artemis stops the protagonist near the Tokyo Tower, asking him to find her a powerful enemy to train with. By completing this mission, you will be able to unlock its fusion.

Some missions in the DLC will also concern the secret agency Bethel:

  • “The Rage of a Queen”: Cleopatra was stripped of her position as a representative and banned from the Egyptian section of Bethel. The protagonist is asked to check its status. With this mission we will be able to recruit her and unlock her fusion.
  • “The Doctor’s Last Wish”: a Bethel researcher who was working on a certain project has disappeared. When the protagonist goes to look for him, he will find himself confronted with the Tyrant Mephisto.

From Volume 4 of the News it turns out that there will also be new content in the free DLC that will help progress in Shin Megami Tensei V. Mitama Dance of Wealth It will make the rare demon Saki Mitama appear more often, who will drop some valuable items, useful for obtaining Macca. This will also apply to Ara and Kushi Mitama, who with Mitama Dance of EXP they will give item to have a great amount of experience. In the end, Mitama Dance of Miracles will increase the appearance of Nigi Mitama, from which the Glory can be obtained. Finally, the Safety difficulty.

Finally, in the post-game it will be possible to transfer some attributes, through the modality Newborn O Reborn. The first concerns the Compendium of Demons and the data on enemies; the second, the level of the protagonist, skills, demons, Macca, objects and so on.

The game will arrive on 11 and 12 November on Nintendo Switch. Keep following us on our site for more updates, and check out the Instant Gaming site for games at a discounted price.