Siphon Filter: The idea of ​​a reboot rejected by Sony

Among the various controversies of these days concerning Sony and Bend Studio, some revelations emerge on the possibility of a Siphon Filter Reboot, however discarded by Sony

In recent times, precisely since Shawn Layden’s departure, Sony has revolutionized in many respects the operating methods of the company. In addition to wanting to give space in a much more marked way to the various titles considered “blockbusters”, such as The Last of Us and Spiderman, the company has also distanced itself more and more from its country of origin, Japan, by moving its own ” base ”in California and leading to the closure of more than historical development teams such as Japan Studio, which had spawned some of the most loved exclusives by PlayStation fans.

And as a result of this radical change, it seems that more are hidden harmful attitudes towards developers who have found themselves collaborating with Sony in recent years: the latest statements on this aspect derive from the former boss of Bend Studio, who states that he has not even been allowed to reboot or remake the popular Siphon Filter saga.

Siphon Filter and the reboot not granted by Sony

In reality, what Jeff Ross talks about, or the one who was previously head of the Days Gone studio, reveals how Sony’s behavior can be evaluated more or less as an unconditional rejection of any idea he had proposed. During a podcast in the company of God of War creator David Jaffe and former Bend Studio creative director John Garvin, Ross elaborates on the comments he made a few hours ago, where he underlined the difference in treatment suffered by his last game, claiming it had sold as much as Ghost of Tsushima. The latter, in fact, it is considered as a very successful IP from Sony, while for Days Gone things went in a decidedly different direction, seeing the possibility of a sequel canceled.

Initially, after releasing Days Gone, Ross would later pitch Sony an idea regarding it a new Resistance game, which this time would have taken an open world form. This new chapter had sparked the imagination of the developers, who saw in it a great potential; yet, it appears that was not enough to convince the upper floors. In addition, the company itself would later show some interest in a remake or reboot of the Siphon Filter franchise, and while the head of Bend Studio admits that he had no idea how to make it, he also argues that this proposal by Sony wasn’t genuine at all, and that it was a way to keep the development studio busy.

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